.:Advice to the Younger Folks:.


I see you young one, standing there acting like everything is okay.  I have been there.

But there are a few things in life that you need to understand.

I have seen too many of you jump into bandwagons of doing what the trendy thing is and falling down so low that the way out is blinded.  I have seen too many of you lose yourselves in the typical norm.  I have seen too many of affected by peer pressure.  I have seen too many of you become sheep to the crowd, following others on a journey of destruction.  And I understand.  I have been there.

My little darlings, now is the time that you need to start finding that inner voice: that deep buried brilliance that is so perfect.  It is time for you to find YOU, to become YOU.  It is time for you to shed the stereotypes and become one with your destiny.  Now is the time for you to start your own personal journey of enlightenment without the damaging effects of what others of your age think.  It is time to shed those fears, shed those egos and be.  JUST BE.

Many of you have lost your ability to think on your own.  Many of you have lost yourselves in others minds.  And many of you will never make it out alive.  Now I am not saying you are going to physically die, but your “death” will be the death of self.  And my God we can’t let that happen.  You must open your eyes to your OWN potential, to your own well-being.  And know that if you lose all of you, there is nothing left but regret and emptiness.  Trust me, I have been there.

I once had a girl look at me, the way I was dressed and she said, “I wish I could be like you.”  And I told her, “Honey, you can’t be me, there is only one.  What you need to do is BE YOU.  Just you.”  Her confusion was clearly written on her face.  I then explained, “You need to find the person you are, and to stick by that person, hold on to her and know deep inside you are being who you must be.  It is time for you to find who you truly are deep within your very spirit and know that no matter what anyone says, You are WORTH IT.”  Her eyes started to twinkle with something close to tears, and I hugged her while finishing, “Don’t follow others rules, create your own. Be happy, Keep Smiling, And Enjoy You.”

And I am saying this to all of you.

Find who you truly are, let go of all those preconceived notions, let go of all of that idealization and let your true self roam free.

Your life will be better for it.



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