I am one that will give a person advice.  People I know, people I don’t know all have come to me for help in one way or another.  I freely give my thoughts, experiences and knowledge to those that need it.  And as many of you have seen, I have shared on here as well.

I need you all to know that I am here for you, and I will give you advice and my thoughts on any subject.  All you have to do is ask. If you need help, I am always here.  If you ever have a question, by all means, I am always here.

Now a little disclaimer here y’all.

I will post your question and my thoughts to my blog.  Your name will be removed of course.  My reasoning behind my doing it that way is pretty simple.  Others may be going through the same thing.  They may be experiencing the same feelings, the same issues that you are right now.  So the more people we reach the better.  We are spreading knowledge which is what we should all be doing.

But always remember, my advice is not the end all, know all.  It is simply my thoughts on the subject.  I cannot at any point and time give you any definitive answers.  Nothing is written in stone friends.  What I am doing is simply giving you a guideline for you to use and add to yourselves to find the perfect answer.

I also want to urge everyone to take part.  We are a clan, a community and by sharing our knowledge together, we can help so many people.  Togetherness is a great things my darlings.

So by all means, ask away.  Share your stories, your insights.  Together we can make the world a better place.


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