.:Product Review – Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Perfume/Lotion:.

Hello my lovelies.  Yes I haven’t done a product review in a while, but if you read my blog you will understand what is going on.

The product that I have to share with you today is an odd one.

Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Perfume and Lotion

OMG people.  While I hate his music, I have to say this stuff is amazing.  It smells so goooood.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

The packaging is terrific. The perfume is in a bottle that is very nice.  It is purple glass bottle that is surrounded with a pink and purple outer layer. It looks a bit like a space age type covering.


The lotion is in a similar colored tube and smells the exact same as the perfume.  It stays on well, and is thick and creamy.

Now, as for the scent.  It has this cedar like smell that is woodsy but with a citrus twang.  How do I put this?  It is like the scent of mandarin oranges mixed with cedar musk.  When it is in the bottle, the scent is a bit overwhelming but when put on, it becomes a subtle splash of yumminess that is hard to describe.

Now the product itself has been out since 2012 I believe.  BUT I have never seen it in my area.  I finally found this bottle in Walmart (of all places) and it was on sale for 5 bucks.  I am all for the smell goods y’all, let me tell ya. And I am glad that I followed my gut when I bought it.


The GOOD:  The scent is like nothing I have ever smelled before.  It is delicious and yet mysterious at the same time.  It gives of this feeling of magic and mystery which is something I really enjoy.  The packaging is bright and gorgeous and instantly draws the eye.

The BAD:  The packaging.  While it is gorgeous to look at, I find it to be a bit cumbersome when using it.  I feel the outer “shell” could have been thought through better to make it fit perfectly in the hand *I have tiny paws y’all.  I can hardly fit my hand around a soda can let alone the bulky packaging here.*

But all in all I simply LOVE this product.  I really do.  The scents have all been put together in such a harmonious way that is just lovely.  I think it would work on make different skins, no matter the balance.  I feel that all of us could bring out a different note within the scent.

So yes, two big thumbs up to Mr. Justin Bieber for this great work.


And NO Justin, I am still not going to listen to your music.


.:It is time for CHANGE:.

Hello my lovelies.  I know… I know… It has been way too long.  So I feel that I need to explain the problems that have been going on.


I have been dealing with the after effects of having a person that was so toxic living within my home.  Even after months after this negative creature left my “castle” I am still feeling the effects of her endless torment.  But slowly I am climbing up and out of this pit to which she threw me in like she is some kind of warrior dumbass.


It has taken a lot of time for me to release the stress, the negativity, the filth that this woman caused.**


I apparently have the plague.  I feel like I have been hit by a bus and there is goo coming out of my nose like I am a water fountain.  This tyrant has invaded my nose hole cavity and has taken up residence like he owns the place.


I know it sounds like I have the flu and/or a cold, but dammit!  It is the plague. I just know it.


I have taken a lot of time putting myself, my thoughts and feelings into order.  I have a mishmash of foolishness going on within my brain pan and it just needs to take itself off somewhere cause I am done.

Do I need to say it again?

A lot of meditation, a lot of reorganizing, a lot of fighting has been going on inside of me and it has been hard to really put my thoughts in order.

I am truly sorry for not being here as much as I normally am.  But in the coming days, LOTS are going to be done.  This is my goal.

Do you see how I said GOAL instead of Resolution?

Let me explain why.

There is no resolutions.  There is no rules that we set forth on a particular day.  We all must set goals for ourselves every single day so we are able to live a life that we want and deserve.

Every single day gives us the opportunity to become better people.  And we must all set those goals.  Not wait till the end of the year/beginning of the next to make that goal.

If you want to lose weight.  DO IT ANYTIME.  Set those goals.

If you want to stop smoking.  DO IT ANYTIME.  Start working towards giving it up.

If you want to start a business.  DO IT ANYTIME.  Start setting up the basics, learn, grow.

It doesn’t have to be a goal that you set on a specific day.

And if you fail, try again.  Don’t think of it as “I just broke my resolution.”  Think of it as a learning experience.  Find what you did wrong the first time and try it again.

Hell friends, it might take you years to accomplish your goal but dammit.  JUST DO SOMETHING.

I want you to remember this.

Thomas Edison failed many times during his inventing of the lightbulb.  Thousands of different ways didn’t work.  But when asked about those different ways, he simply replied, “I found 1000 ways how NOT to make a light bulb.”

Set forth my friends and become, grow and learn.

And in the words of Blind Melon.

“When life is hard, you have to CHANGE.”

PSSST:  Look up Blind Melon – Change.  Seriously.  Good song.

**  I want to address this part a little deeper.

When you are in a situation that you feel that the negativity is out of control, you need to either remove it, OR yourself from it.  You do not deserve to be surrounded by negative emotions, negative actions, negative people.  YOU DESERVE BETTER.  Remember that you are worth more than anything.  Surround yourself with only the positive my friends.