.:Random Thoughts about Aging:.

Hello all of my lovelies.

 I hope this random post finds all of you well.  Goodness knows it finds me in a bit of weirdness.  As per usual.  *laughs*  I wanted to share my thoughts on something I saw a while back and it just really hit me as I looked in the mirror today.
 Before my 30th birthday, I had people coming in telling how miserable I would be.  That I would stay in bed for weeks crying about a childhood lost.  I would cry at every turn because I would not see my 20s again.  That day came and went and didn’t effect me the way that I was told.  I didn’t go into what I guess was the “norm” for people. It just didn’t bother me.
It wasn’t until I looked into the mirror this morning that I realized something.  I am not a “Normal Person.”  I am now 37 years old.  I am wondering when the depression will hit.  When will I get to “normal” thoughts when it comes to age?
It was only this morning that I realized, using an old adage of course that “I am a fruitloop in a world of cheerios.”
I wear my black make-up.  My skin is pale.  I wear black and corsets and the random oddness associated with the Gothic Culture.  I love skulls and broken dolls.  I see the loveliness in darkness, and only sleep during the day.  (Well except the past few weeks because I am sleeping all the time it seems due to feeling sick.)
I do have my problems, mostly health related, but I am still me.  Still the glorious weird woman that I have always been.  The only difference is that I am older.  Age is nothing but a number.  It is growing wiser day by day.  Gaining knowledge.  Learning.  Becoming.  Changing.  Growing.
I realized this morning as I stared into the mirror at my make-up streaked face (forgot to remove it btw) that it isn’t about the number. It is about being comfortable with who you are at any given time.  It is about not fearing time.  It is about being willing to evolve.

Its about:



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