.:Made it to our Date Movie Review – Stephen Kings IT:.

I have really sat and thought about how I am going to go about talking about this one.  The movie review of Stephen Kings IT, which is the remake of the made for TV movie. I hope that you enjoy my take on it.  I will explain the movie a bit, talk a bit about the differences between the original movie and the book and then give my insight on it.  In other words:


It is 1988 in Derry, Maine.  The movie starts by introducing Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) and his little brother Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott).  Bill is sick but has made a paper boat for Georgie to sail in the rain.  As Georgie is sailing his boat, it dives into the storm drain on the side of the road.  There we get our first glance of Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård.) He talks to Georgie, introduces himself and then proceeds to kill him.

It moves on to show Bill coming out of the last day of school with his friends, the loud mouth Ritchie Tozer (Finn Wolfhard) and Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer.)  Bill is intent on finding his brother and has decided that the barrens are the best place to look. They meet Ben Hanscome (Jeremy Ray Taylor,) Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis) and Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs) and Stanley Uris (Wyatt Oleff) and are attacked by bullies Henry Bowers, Belch, Patrick and Victor Criss.  Patrick is then taken by Pennywise.

They begin experiencing horrifying things caused by Pennywise. They find that being together, Pennywise is unable to take them, so he works to break them apart. A fight between the crew ends in them splitting ways and Beverly is attacked by her father (who was thinking that she was sleeping with the boys) and she fights back by smashing her fathers head in with what appears to be the top of the toilet tank. She is then taken by Pennywise.

Bill visits her house to find her father on the floor and the words “YOU DIE IF YOU TRY” written in blood and her father dead in the bathroom. He goes and finds Ritchie and tells him that Beverly has been taken. They gather the rest of the guys together and set out to go into the sewer where they are sure Pennywise lives.

It moves to show Beverly laying on the floor of some concrete room that is filled with old childrens toys that is formed into a huge mound. and circus music is playing. Beverly looks up to see children floating up in the air around the mound.  A voice comes over the music introducing “Pennywise the Dancing Clown” and as she looks over, Pennywise is standing in what looks like a mock circus tent.  He begins to dance (I have to say this:  It was quite hilarious) and then attacks Beverly.  She says that she isn’t afraid so he introduces her to the Dead Lights.  Her eyes turn white and she floats upwards.

Bill and the guys find the concrete room and see Beverly and try to get her down. They try to call to her, but nothing pulls her from the Dead Lights until Ben shakes her and kisses her.  Slowly she comes back.

Bill hears a sound and moves around the toy mound to find his brother standing there.  Georgie is telling Bill that he wants to go home.  Bill is devastated, and says that he wants him to come home too, that he loves him but he knows that he isn’t Georgie. So he takes this gun thing (it is used to humanely kill what looks like Sheep) and shoots Georgie in the head.

He falls flat and as everyone gasps in horror at what he did, Georgies body begins to twitch and turns into Pennywise. Bill tries to shoot Pennywise again, but doesn’t realize the gun is not loaded. But his belief that it was causes Pennywise to fall back, a gunshot having smashed the side of his head. He falls back towards what looks like an old well and his head tears apart and he falls as they watch.

They all know that Pennywise is not dead, so they make a blood oath to come back if it starts again.

Henry takes the blame for all of the murders.

Now for the differences.

The made for TV movie will always be a classic, but it doesn’t go into the depth that this one takes. It is more subtle and tame.  It never shows how the kids die, never really shows the depth of Pennywise and this movie does.  The effects of Pennywises feeding is perfectly done. It shows how his mouth works which is a major plus. While I love the old movie (TIM CURRY IS THE BEST!) it wasn’t as detailed. You are able to see him biting into Georgie, and dragging him back into the sewer.

The movie also shows (subtle as it is) the truth behind the abuse of Beverly. The MFTV (made for TV) movies shows that she is abused yes, BUT you can really tell in this movie what that entails. And that goes for the book too.

It also gives an insight on how Pennywise works; goes more in depth about his actions.  Let me explain.  It shows the steps he takes to get the FEAR that he needs to survive. In the book, it gives the explanation in a candid and clear way, and the movie was trying to accomplish that while taking a few liberties.

Also, the kids are potty mouthed like crazy.  In the original, there was only a slight show of that, this movie gives us more of it and the book.  The “F” word was used more than 200 times in the book, the “C” word was said around 10 times along with other things.

Now, as for the book, it is more graphic, more disturbing.  There is horrid violence, sexual violence, an orgy. What else can I say?

There is a lot of difference between the old MFTV movie, the 2017 movie and the book. I won’t go into detail about all of it but if you have read anything by Stephen King, watched any of the movies, you will understand.

As for my thoughts on it:

I think the movie is fantastic.  I really do.  Bill Skarsgård done a fantastic job of showing us the true side of Pennywise that wasn’t able to be shown on the MFTV movie. But Tim Curry will always be the top clown.

The kid actors were absolutely wonderful in their delivery.  They made you sink into the scenes with them, made you feel the raw emotion that they did and that in itself is amazing.  You do not expect that people so young could draw you in like that, but they definitely have the ability.

The effects were superbly done and flawless in their use.  Pennywises mouth was something I was glad was elaborated on.  While Tim Curry’s teeth were great, I always felt that using the teeth they did detracted from how terrifying Pennywise actually is. By doing it the way they have in the 2017 movie, showing the depth behind the teeth made it better.

I would also like to add a little about the “dancing” part.  I have never seen anyone dance maniacally before.  Well now I have. It was funny but scary all at once. Bill Skarsgård really nailed it.  Bill, wow.  Well done on that.

Do I think this is a movie for the younger folk?  No… OH HELL NO.  I mean, maybe over the age of 13 but no younger. It was vulgar, crude and that is something I do not feel is good for the young ones.

Now, for my end thoughts.

I think they done a great job.  The movie is amazing and very well done.  I was angry at first that they would take the old classic and refurbish it, but in the end, I am glad they did. I liked the changes that were made, the actions that were taken and feel that it could have even when farther in depth.

Will I watch this again?  You bet I will.





.:Late to our Date Movie Review – The BFG:.

Hello my friends!  Today I have a movie review for you of something that I am not outraged over. *shocker!* It is the movie The BFG.  Oh and:


The movie starts out showing an orphanage and a little girl named Sophie who is wandering around in a blanket late in the evening.  Everyone else is asleep, except the head mistress who moves around occasionally through the house.  She locks the doors, and sorts the mail while everyone is asleep around her.

She makes her way up stairs and into the room where the children sleep, so she can sit on her bed and read; while she is covered in her blanket. She hears a noise outside the balcony and sees a trash pale overturned in the street, and a big hand moving to set it right.

She runs back into the room and hides under her blanket, only to be taken by the creature with a big hand.  Who she later learns is a giant. Throughout the first stages of the story, we learn that the giant is a nice fellow, and he explains that since she saw him, he had to take her to Giant Country which is located in a hidden area of England.

He, the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), is the keeper of dreams who then distributes them across the human world (at least this is how it seemed. More about this later.) You are then introduced to the meaner side of the Giant Country.  The other giants are a lot bigger than the BFG and treat him like a loser and a failure to Giant Kind.

The BFG then takes Sophie with him to where he gathers his dreams.  It is a huge tree that is swarming with different color lights.  Sophie begins chasing them and catches a golden one that the BFG explains is a very special one, one that he rarely sees and he explains that it is her dream.  She then catches a red one, that turns out to be a bad dream shaded with red. He takes it and locks it away before explaining that it is a nightmare.

Then the BFG and Sophie go back into London and give a child a dream before they hear the sounds of the other bad giants.  Sophie sets up a plan that brings the Queen of England into the picture.  They give the Queen a nightmare that shows what is happening to the children in London that have been disappearing and that Sophie will be sitting on her window sill to introduce her to the BFG. The Queen wakes up to tell her dream to who I assume is her helper or something. The helper is shocked because the paper that the Queen hasn’t read shows the disappearances and as the Queen is telling the names of the giants, she forgets one and a small voice from the window says the name.  That is when they find Sophie.

She explains that it is all true, and then introduces them all to the BFG. They then come up with a plan to keep the bad giants out of their land.  The BFG and Sophie give the giants nightmares that causes them to feel guilt and remorse, only the worst giant woke up too soon.  Bloodblotter (the big meanie one) goes on a rampage only to be caught by the Royal Airforce who the BFG had brought into Giant Country. All of the bad giants were then taken to a very remote island surrounded by water (which they hated) that was completely isolated and left with only the seeds of a nasty cucumber type vegetable.

Sophie was then adopted by the Queens helper, and every morning and night she would say out her window “hello” to the BFG who heard her, even so far away.

Now that I have gotten the story out, I will give my input and some factoids about the whos and whatsits.

The movie was based off the book “The BFG” written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake in 1982. The story was a huge success with more than 40 million copies sold world wide.  It was dedicated to Dahls daughter, Olivia, who had lost her life in 1962 at the age of 7 by contracting the disease Measles Encephalitus. Through his heartbreak, this story was born.

It was later brought to the screen as a TV adaptation in 1989 with David Jason as the voice of BFG and Amanda Root as Sophie.  There has also been theater performance.  But it wasn’t until 2016 when it landed in the hands of Steven Spielberg that I learned about this story.  The screenplay was written by Melissa Mathison and stars quite a few good actors.  I shall list them below that way they do not take up all the space here.

Now for my thoughts.

This story was beautiful and I can honestly say that I am glad that I took the time to watch it.  It flowed perfectly, the acting was flawless and the CG was on point.  While yes, there are some spots that made me go “Eh,” those were definitely overshadowed by the wonderful feelings that the story evoked.  I truly felt myself drawn in, attached to the characters and the outcomes.  I was overwhelmed by the beautiful colors, but also the way it was all laid out. There was  not a moment that I wasn’t smiling, or laughing or even tearing up.  I also want to say that there is one point that I didn’t make in the run down above.  I left it out on purpose because I want you to feel how I felt when it came to light in the story.  It broke my heart and made me feel such empathy towards BFG at that moment.

Do I suggest this story?  Yes.  I would suggest it to anyone. I feel that sharing this movie with everyone, children included shows what it is like to not only be bullied, but doing what is right.  It is facing your fears and being good in the face of adversity.  While some might not see it that way, it is what I get out of it and well, not to be rude, it is my review. 😛 *laughs*

So yes, I loved this movie and will watch it again.  And I suggest you do the same.

Cast (Taken from the IMBD and have kept the links intact):
Mark Rylance Mark Rylance
Ruby Barnhill Ruby Barnhill
Penelope Wilton Penelope Wilton
Jemaine Clement Jemaine Clement
Rebecca Hall Rebecca Hall
Rafe Spall Rafe Spall
Bill Hader Bill Hader
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson Ólafur Darri Ólafsson
Maidmasher / Cook (as Olafur Darri Olafsson)
Adam Godley Adam Godley
Manhugger / Lout #1
Michael Adamthwaite Michael Adamthwaite
Butcher Boy / Danish Driver (as Michael David Adamthwaite)
Daniel Bacon Daniel Bacon
Bonecruncher / Lout #2
Jonathan Holmes Jonathan Holmes
Childchewer / Pub Landlord
Chris Gibbs Chris Gibbs
Gizzardgulper / Late Night Walker
Paul Moniz de Sa Paul Moniz de Sa
Meatdripper / Lout #3