.:Product Review – 7th Heaven Face Masks:.

Hello my lovely ones.  I know that it has been a while, I have moved and net is sketchy at best. But I did want to come and tell you that I am alive and bringing you a bit of a review for something I have been wanting to try.  7th Heaven Face Masks (Montagne Jeunesse)

As I was perusing Walmart one day, I walked by the beauty area and on one of the end caps was a hanging area where a bunch of facial masks were hanging. All through my shopping (cat and dog stuffs for the critters in my life,) I thought about when I was younger and how I had a horrid experience with a face mask.  It had smelled like glue, and ended up causing my face to turn into a strawberry and peel.  Anywho, after fighting the whole time, I finally gave in to that “frivolous buy demon” and settled on getting 3 of the masks. I will make the list, explain what they are, share my experience and add my thoughts on each one. 🙂

  • Tea Tree Peel Off Mask – It targets those trouble areas like the T-Zone, clean your skin of impurities and calm down the facial demons aka (blackheads and pimples.) It contains Tea Tree oil, Witch Hazel and Canadian Willowherb. I just knew when I bought the mask, that it was going to be an overbearing scent of Tea Tree. I just KNEW it.  While I love tea tree, and tend to hunt things down with the scent, when it is overbaring, it makes me nauseated and icky feeling.  But as soon as I opened the pack, it was quite lovely and smelled fresh. So pleasantly surprised!  Inside of the package is a clear, thick gel. So I rubbed said goo on my facial region. It went on pretty easily, and the pack was just enough to cover. I wasn’t bombarded by the smell or anything. I waited for the lowest time (they say to keep it on 20-25 minutes) and my face felt like it was tight and scrunched but it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling at all. The one issue that I had is that while I was waiting, the mask made my face have a slight burny feeling, but in the end, it wasn’t all that bad. I began to peel the mask off (soooooo enjoyable! yes, I was the kid that covered their hands in glue to peel off!) and that is when it happened. The one thing everyone never expects but when it happens a state of shock sets in….  I COULD SEE THE BLACKHEADS FROM MY NASAL PROTRUSION ON THE MASK AND NOT ME FACE! It was amazing. All the gunk that I have been spending YEARS trying to go away, GONE in an instant. I squealed like a happy piggy. Enough to scare Waya to death. My face felt soft and supple, and just wonderful.  There was no redness, no issues of any kind.
  • Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask – This mask is like a seaside detox for your face. It cleanses deeply and peels off dirt and oils which are stuck within your pores. It contains sea salt, laver seaweed and sea buckthorn. To be honest, I don’t know what I was thinking this was going to smell like when I bought it. I am not one that likes fishy smells or anything and I was afraid that it was going to smell like a fish market. But I was surprised when I opened the pack and it didn’t smell like that at all (THANK GOODNESS MIND YOU!) but the smell is not really something I can explain.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really pleasant either.  It was that in between phase that is like “eh.” It was a bit stronger, strangely enough, than the tea tree one and sort of made my son go “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?” My reply was “HUSH IT FELLA!  This is for SCIENCE!” But in the end, I waited the alloted the 20 minutes (or until dry) time and began the peeling process.  It came off with relative ease and I could see more icky stuff coming off my face. My face felt smoother, more radiant and just all around better. Oh, and to top it off, it was black!  I thought that was amazing personally.
  • Hot Spring Sauna Masque with Volcanic Minerals – Okay…  This one I have to build you up to. Keep in mind I said HOT SPRING and Volcanic in the same sentence. The site says “Bursting with nutrients, the feisty ground Volcanic Spring Minerals, chopped Ginger and Pumpkin in our self-warming sauna mask opens up pores for a deep cleanse. Exfoliating Bamboo gently polishes and removes dead cells, leaving your skin sparkling.” Well when I bought this, I thought “oooh Sauna!” I didn’t think one moment that my life was going to change, to flash before my eyes like a movie.  But, when I opened the package, I saw this orange looking clay and though, oh wow, this is going to exfoliate like CRAZY! It never occurred to me to actually READ the whole thing. I put it on my fingers and pressed it to my cheek, made circular motions and stalled, my mind filled for a moment with what I can only describe as pure, unmitigated TERROR. IT WAS BOILING HOT.  At least to my panicked mind it was. I took a breath, hmmm, it wasn’t hot anymore. So I thought maybe I was imagining things, so I started rubbing again.  HOT!  HOT!  But after a moment, I realized it wasn’t so hot that I was boiling the flesh from my bones. It was, comfortable. Pleasant (apparently this is the word of the day!) even. I smeared this hot orangy stuff all over my face. I went over, done my routine of pulling up the Tubes and sat for 15 minutes with the scent of ginger and pumpkin on my face. After I rinsed it off (it wasn’t a peel off,)  there was a noticeable difference in my skin. And I mean NOTICEABLE. It was smooth as silk, my skin was tighter and I was shining like a star. Sparkling happened people. I felt like a new me, face wise.

For each of them, I waited a week in between.  I wanted to see the results for each, without the effects of another to taint the results.

I have to say that I am definitely surprised by the results. I wish I could have taken a before and after photo but I do not own a cell phone, or a camera for that matter and my web cam is boxed up in this mess somewhere.  Because the effects are visible.  I feel softer, smoother and healthier facial skin wise.

So here are the pros and cons of each.

  1.  Tea Tree Mask – PRO: The scent is pleasant and it shows results INSTANTLY. It was easy to use and put on even though it was quite thick. CON: It does take a bit longer to dry than the designated 20 minutes.  Yes, it says 20 to 25 minutes but if you get places that you have put it on thicker, it takes a long time to dry. It isn’t really a con of the product itself, but mostly user error on my part.  Just be aware.
  2. Black Seaweed – PRO:  The effect is also instantaneous. It was also fun to use since it was black. It also easy to put on as well. CON:  The smell is iffy. Not bad but one of those “Eh,” smells.
  3. Hot Sauna – PRO: HOLY COW, my skin felt great afterwards. And didn’t feel bad at all even after the initial shock of it. CON: My skin did burn just a little bit afterwards.   Not as in I’m on FIRE! or anything.  I believe it was just an after effect of the herbal stuff used. It took about an hour or so for it to go away, but it wasn’t bad at all.
  4. ALL OF THEM – PRO:  Price.  It was amazingly priced. It was under $1.50 (around 1.35) and does give you the results it says.  The company is also big on not using animals to test on and I love them for that.  CON: I honestly cannot really give a con of the all of them.  I have presented the cons on each separately above and none of them really have the same thing in common.

So, as for my thoughts in general.  I liked them.  A lot.  And I am surprised. I will definitely be using them again.  There is one thing I would like to add.  On their website (yes I looked them up!) they do have a sort of “contest” where you post a photo of you using their masks/foot scrubs and having a chance of winning masks that aren’t even in stores yet.  Something I thought you guys and gals might be interested in.

So yes, two skelehands up from me!


OH YEAH, NOT SPONSORED! Just so ya know. I bought these with my own money.

So what do you all suggest I try next?  Is there a beauty product that you use that you think I might like?  Something you want to try but would rather sacrifice someone else to use before you spend your hard earned cash?  Just get in touch hit me up in a comment below!



.:When Doctors Do Not Know What Is Wrong:.

Today friends, I would like to speak about something that has been in my mind for a while.  To those of you that have been here for a while, you know that I have a few medical issues. But for those that are new, I shall explain.

I have epilepsy, fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Asthma. I am fully disabled, and spend a lot of my time in severe pain. Unfortunately in my area, the doctors most of the time either do not care, or they don’t know what is going on. *thinks for a moment* Okay, I think I need to explain this better.

For the past 3 years, it has gotten harder and harder for me to walk any distance.  I get up and go to the restroom and I feel like I have run 5 miles. My breath is coming in gasps, my lungs are whistling like the Pied Piper and my heart feels like it is skipping beats. I have talked with 2 doctors about this, both of which have said, “Oh, there is nothing wrong.” I have had X-Rays on broken bones, and I get “Its nothing.”

I cannot figure out whether or not they are just incompetent, or unwilling to help me. It has went so far, that they swear I am perfectly healthy. Which in turn gets the social security office in an uproar. So now that is something I have to deal with. I would love to work, I would love to be able to “bring home the bacon” so to speak, but as my last employer said, “Lilly, we love that you work here, but with your issues, you are a liability.” And once an possible employer hears of the issues, poof, opportunity GONE.

The reason I am writing this is to explain something that I have learned over the years.

Doctors do not know what they are doing fully.  That is why they call it a Medical PRACTICE. On top of that, you have the doctors that feel that a person that has insurance isn’t worthy of care. Sad to say, that is 95% of the doctors in my area. Too many people put money as the main goal in anything they do, and it makes those that need help suffer. It creates this wedge within the system that destroys the Hippocratic Oath that each of them take.

Now, I guess I need to explain to those of you that do not know the Oath.  

“The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by physicians. It is one of the most widely known of Greek medical texts. In its original form, it requires a new physician to swear, by a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards. Of historic and traditional value, the oath is considered a rite of passage for practitioners of medicine in many countries, although nowadays various modernized versions are often used; the message delivered is still the same: do no harm.

Hippocrates is often called the father of medicine in Western culture. The original oath was written in Ionic Greek, in the late Fifth Century BC. It is usually included in the Hippocratic Corpus.

Scholars widely believe that Hippocrates or one of his students wrote the oath between the 5th and 3rd century BC. Alternatively, classical scholar Ludwig Edelstein proposed that the oath was written by the Pythagoreans, an idea that others questioned for lack of evidence for a school of Pythagorean medicine.”

This was taken from the Wiki page, that speaks about what the Oath is.  You will see one part that I have underlined.  Do No Harm.

Being a doctor is not about how many accolades you get, or about the car you drive.  It isn’t about that big house and the big screen TV.  It isn’t about the amount in your bank account or the vacations you take.  It is about helping people that need it. Having empathy, and a sense of dedication to your patients.  Not all of us have huge sums of money to shell out for a visit.  But we are still in need.

I don’t know what any of you can take from this, but it is something I truly needed to get off my chest. The only thing I know is that YOU are the only one that truly knows your body, and what it says.  Only you can determine that something is wrong.  Listen to what it says.  And if your doctor is unwilling to listen, then find one that will.

Much love,


.:Depression – What is it, and isn’t:.

Depression.  It is such a small word for such a long road. I want to share with all of you what it is, and what it isn’t.  Many of us suffer with it in some form or another and then there are those select few that just don’t understand.  So, without further ado, I am going to shine a bit of a light on it, in the Lilly way.

Depression is the severe feeling of despondency and dejection. By medical terms. It is a common but serious mental disorder. So let me bullet point this (I LOVE ME SOME BULLET POINTS YO!):

  • Depression is a REAL THING. It isn’t something that is just boom you can get over it. IT IS A MENTAL STATE.
  • Depression can and will affect people in different ways.  While some people are hardly able to get out of bed, some will do menial things, like sink into a Television screen.  Okay, that sounds bad like I am talking about the scene in “Nightmare on Elm Street” where the TV picks up the girl and shoves her hea…..  Okay, stopping here.
  • Depression can be treated.  There are ways to get out of a funk.  Whether it is meditation, mediCation or therapy. You can find help.

All of us have periods of sadness.  Whether it is a break-up, a loss of a job or home, it comes on.  Sadness is a part of every day life and something that will never go away.  Depression on the other hand is deeper than that.  It is the loss of will.  Things that we used to be interested in just lose their oomph.  No motivation to get out there and take on the world.  It is the feeling of inadequacy.  Eating too much, or too little.  Now, you might say that these all sound like SAD symptoms, and you are right.  They are.  BUT it is when they extend past that point, last for a lot longer than usual.

Let’s say there is a girl named Bertha May Magillycutty. Bertha has been in a relationship with Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen.  Then Bertha and Smitty break up.  She is sad, ends up losing interest, starts eating buckets of ice cream while watching The Notebook.  After a few days she gets leveled out and begins picking up the pieces.

Now here is the way the Depressed Mind gets.

Bertha and Smitty break up.  She is heartbroken.  Cannot get out of bed, she lets herself go.  Doesn’t shower, brush her hair.  She doesn’t leave the house. She is in a downward spiral. Where the first Bertha began picking up the pieces, this Bertha looks at the pieces all strewn around the floor and gets frustrated by the amount of them are on the floor.  She sees them as a wave of pieces that she couldn’t possibly pick up.  So she sits in the middle of that pieces strewn floor and loses herself in them.

So there it is my friends.  How DEPRESSION is.  It is wave after wave of pieces that we just feel we won’t be able to put back together because there are just so many. So we sink lower and lower into the blackness.

It, Depression, interferes with the daily lives of those that it grabs, like a torturous villain. It causes pain, not only to the person being held “captive” but those around them too. It doesn’t at all mean that those suffering from depression is weak, by no means.  It just means that we are overwhelmed.

Like I said before, too many times depression is overlooked. It is “diagnosed” as just sadness, or another sickness. But I am going to give a short list of symptoms that we can look for in ourselves or those around us.

  • Loss of interest in things previously enjoyed.  (Hobbies, Sports, etc)
  • Difficulty in making decisions, or remembering planned things.
  • Restlessness or irritability.
  • Weight gain or loss.
  • Fatigue or lethargy.
  • Feelings of being worthless, useless, unneeded.
  • Difficulty sleeping.  Either too little, or too much.
  • Hopelessness

There are many different types of depression as well.  I will not go into detail of them, since this is already running long, but there is one that I want to bring up.  Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar is NOT the same as depression.  While a person that suffers from Bipolar disorder, does have extremely low moods, they also have very HIGH moods.  They can been down and out, or excessively happy.

What I want all of you to know is that no matter how severe depression is, it IS treatable. Using meditation techniques helps soothe over whatever wounds are creating the issue.  Find a quiet spot, fill it with candles and smell good things and just sit and relax.  Just allow your mind to wander.  Lay down if you must, but you need to clear your mind and just allow it to roam.  If something comes in, push it out and keep your head clear.

You may also decide that medications are in order. There are many different types out there, you need to speak to your doctor to find which one suits you. Non-narcotic types are out there, just figure which works.

Therapy is a great way to get a handle on depression.  Speak about how your feeling with a medical therapist.  Just let it out.

Keep a journal.  Put in all of your feelings, the pain, heartache and then when you are done with that one, burn it.  And then as the smoke flows up into the sky, visualize that your hurt is going with it.

A mixture of all of these could help.  But the most important thing is for you to know that you are NOT alone in this.  You have family, friends (online and off) that are going to be there for you.  Goodness knows that I am.

Now depression is not something that can be dropped at turn of a hat.  Saying “Just get over it,” is not a good treatment option.  This ‘sadness’ goes a lot deeper.  It is the loss of hope and desire.  You cannot just dust those off and boom, shiny and new.  I wish it would, but it won’t. It isn’t something that can be just shooed away.  It is deep rooted and seeded, and the only thing that can help is HELP.

Study about depression.  Research about it friends.  And remember, no matter what, you can get passed this. You got it.


Yes, it has been forever… I know.

I know that it has been a while since I have really updated this, or even really thought about it, but boy let me tell ya.  When the sky falls, it comes in an avalanche of foolishness and stupidity.

I don’t want to get into the whole “poor me” silliness, but bring to light something that I think a lot of us need to do.  In the process, I will explain the why’s.

Firstly, all of you need to make sure that you are paying attention to what your medical provider writes and says in their reports.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Many doctors offices/emergency service places will have a website that you can sign up to so you can look at the reports that have been written.  READ EVERY SINGLE REPORT.

As a few of you know, I am fully disabled.  I have been for about 4 years now.  I have epilepsy, MS, fibromyalgia, severe depression and chronic migraines.  I have been going to the same doctor since I was placed into “Disability” status.

A few months back (October to be specific) I received a call from the Department of Social Security.  They said that due to my “wellness” I am going to be removed from Disability.  That threw me into a loop. I had no idea why, no understanding of what they were saying. My depression and stress went to such a level that I just laid in bed and cried.  All I kept thinking about is the last job that I had.  The manager said, and I quote, “You are a great worker, but we cannot have you work here any longer.  You are a liability to the company, and to the customers.”  Keep in mind that this happened on Christmas Eve 5 years ago.

So you can understand a little about how I felt about wondering how I would be able to explain to my doctors that I have these issues and WHO would want to hire someone that has the issues I do.

After my initial plummet into the giant black hole of despair, I began to question WHY.  Why is this happening?  So I in turn began looking at my medical reports. EVERY SINGLE ONE FOR THE PAST YEAR WAS FALSIFIED.  When I told them what issues that I am having, they put in the report “Patient is not showing any signs of sickness, depression, epilepsy or migraines.”

Okay, let me explain this a little bit better.  Since waffling is happening.  And I will even do a number thingie to make it a little easier to understand.

  • When asked if I am afraid of falling (which they ask) the answer is always: “Yes. I am, but I know it is going to happen.  I am more afraid of what I am going to hurt.” To which they wrote, “Patient is not experiencing any problems with walking and can walk unassisted.” Um…  Wrong.  I use a cane, and have to have someone with me at all times.  I cannot even be left alone for long periods of time due to the fear of ‘falling.’ So how can I NOT be experiencing NO issues with walking?
  • “Blood tests have all come back normal.” I looked at the reports on my blood work.  Why are all these either too high or too low?  Yes Dr.  I do understand what blood results mean.  But no, all things are NORMAL.
  • “Patient does not have any depression,is happy and has a happy mindset.”  Um… If that was the case, why am I on Escitolopram?  Isn’t that a depression medication?  (Note: Escitolopram is the generic version of Lexipro.  It deals with Major Depression.)

Now those are just a small amount of errors that I have found on my medical report.

Look friends, pay attention.  Look at your reports.  If they do not have a site that gives the details, then every 6 months or so, get a copy of your records. Study them, find if there is any discrepancies.

Also, make sure that you keep a detailed journal about your health.  Make a note of every time you get sick, have an accident, a headache, anything.  Keep a track on it.  It is also a good idea to have that journal with you when you go to your doctor.  Make sure to note the time and date that you go, and also their diagnosis.  Keep track of everything.  I know I keep repeating that, but it is IMPORTANT that you do so.  You could lose so much if you don’t.

Please friends, this is something that I cannot stress enough.  Especially if you are on disability, or another government funded insurance.  Those errors can truly cause problems in the long run.


Much love,


.:Monday Make-A-Thingie: Homemade Flu Shots:.

Hello friends!  I hope that today finds you in a happy mood.  Goodness knows that if we wake up every day, with the intent on being happy, our lives could be a lot better.  Today, I am going to bring you something that, while the time may not be upon us, it might help none-the-less.

The name may sound scary, but it isn’t.  Trust me on this y’all.

Homemade Flu Shots are not what they sound like. I am not having you fill up a syringe and poke yourself with any form of goo.  (Unless we can find that stuff to make us all super heroes.  If that was the case, I am all up on that!  These are actual “SHOTS” for shot glasses.  They will fight off all those evil flu germs and possibly even some of those demon cold bugs.  So enjoy my darlings, and stay healthy.  Oh, and as a note y’all.  They are non-alcoholic so the whole family can enjoy them. 🙂

1) “Apple Cider Slammer
Apple cider vinegar is just that, a type of vinegar made from apple cider. This ‘Slammer’ contains beta-carotene, which according to the Mayo Clinic possesses antioxidant properties that counteract the damage done by free radicals and in return helps boost your immune system . Find organic, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar for maximum health benefits.
Shot Recipe: Shoot back a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a two tablespoons of filtered water. Can’t stomach it? I personally suggest mixing a tablespoon with a tall 8oz glass of cold water to dilute it. I also add a touch of raw honey to sweeten it. This source suggests drinking this apple cider daily.

2) “Green Machine
Green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, and parsley provide a significant amount of nutrients including but not limited to, magnesium, folate, and vitamin B6. These crucial nutrients play an important role in optimal immune health .
Shot Recipe: Toss together a selection of leafy greens in your juicer and enjoy. If you can’t swallow the taste of only vegetables in your juice, throw an apple through the juicer for some natural sweetness.

3) “Cod Liver Kiss
Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a raw, traditionally fermented food. It contains more Vitamin A per unit weight than any other common food and is a great source of the ever important Omega-3 Fatty Acids. This powerhouse real food helps regulate and improve overall function of your immune system. Read more about Fermented Cod Liver Oil here and here.
Shot Recipe: Fermented Cod Liver Oil comes in two forms. You can source it in its liquid form and take it daily as a shot, or you can choose to purchase it in capsule form.

4) “Blueberry Blast
Blueberries are very high in antioxidants compared to other fruits and vegetables and contain powerful phytochemicals which give the fruit their deep blue color. A recent study done by the University of Oregon shared that the pterostilbene found in blueberries, when combined with vitamin D, could boost the body’s ability to fend off illness .
Shot Recipe: Juice a handful of blueberries and enjoy this sweet and sour drink. You can also simply increase your intake of blueberries if you do not own a juicer or wish to juice them.

5) “Carrot Kicker
Carrots are an great source of beta carotene. One of beta carotene’s main roles is to support the body’s mucus membrane, which lines the respiratory and intestinal tracts. A strong lining makes it more difficult for bacteria to enter the bloodstream and cause you trouble .
Shot Recipe: Juice a handful of carrots and enjoy. Don’t have a juicer? Do your best to incorporate carrots into the upcoming weeks menus!

6) “Lemon & Ginger Drop
Lemon and Ginger are a powerhouse duo. This couple not only supports a strong immune system by the lemon’s Vitamin C content, but together they help fight off an oncoming illness. Lemon juice’s anti-inflammatory qualities soothe sore throats and irritated membranes while the ginger helps cleanse your system .
Shot Recipe: Add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice to 3 tablespoons of water. Grate or juice a pinch of ginger and enjoy. Instead of taking this as a shooter you can also enjoy a glass of homemade lemonade and simply add ginger.


Okay, I feel funny having to say this but:

These are not end-all cure-alls.  If you are sick, please contact your doctor.  On second thought, contact your doctor anyway.  Ask if using these would be good for you to start with.  Many times medications or previous health issues may cause a reaction to the ingredients in the “shots” I have listed.  If at any point and time, you feel that you are having a reaction to one of the ingredients, stop use immediately and contact a health professional.

If you are going through a true emergency, call 911.  They are there to help you.