.:Product Review – Dermasil Face Creams:.

Hello my dear lovelies.  As some of you might remember, I have posted a few things about Dermasil before.  I personally love their products and considering the price tag, it is definitely a win in my book, especially for such a great product.

But about a year or so ago, Dermasil was nice enough to send me the Oil Free Daily Retinol Facial Cream and the Oil Free Night Moisturizer so I could try it out.  And yes, it has taken this long for me to make up my mind about it.  What I wanted to do was spend about 2 weeks just doing my normal cleansing routine, then I would use the product for as long as it took to finish it off and then go back to my regular routine.  I wanted to see how much of a difference there was.

Now, I need to explain something.  While my skin isn’t perfect (no ones is!), it is also in pretty good shape.  I rarely get acne (only if I don’t wash my face after wearing some sort of makeupy thingie!) and only have 2 chicken pox scars on my nose.  To be honest, I am not sure if I am the best one to give you a proper review on this, but in the end, there are things that I noticed.

First off let me start off by talking about the Oil Free Daily Retinol Facial Cream. The jar it comes in is cute and dainty, made of a harder plastic that seems to be shatter proof.  (We all know how much of a klutz I am!) and the top has a golden lid.

When you open the lid, you are then hit with one of the most beautiful scents I have ever taken within my nose holes. It is like a tea rose scent and ooooh it is nice. It brings back memories of me at my grandmothers house. It makes me feel serene and relaxed.

The cream inside is thick and feels silky to the touch, and when I tested it on my hand, I was blown away by the feel that it left behind.  It soaks into the skin slowly, but easily leaving behind the feel of rose petals.

So the first day I used it, I could notice a difference in my skin that felt like my facial cover was more youthful and energized.  It just felt good. And after using it for a while, I noticed that I radiated a glow that was just unique and yummy. If that makes sense at all.

Now, for the Oil Free Night Moisturizer. It comes in the same kind of container that the Daily Cream does with the only exception being the lid. It is a light periwinkle sort of blue. The scent is a mixture between baby powder and unicorn wishes.  It is peaceful and relaxing, creating a sort of bubble around your noggin that eases tension.

The cream is also the same texture and feel of the Daily cream, so as to not repeat myself, just read that part again.

The first night I used it, I truly feel that I drifted off into sleep a lot quicker and easier. I am not sure if they meant for that to happen but it did.  And the next morning, or in my case, the next evening, when I woke up, my face felt wonderful.  My normal morning/evening “don’t talk to me or I’ll shank you” eyes were more refreshed and less tired looking. I mean, I still had the “don’t talk to me or I’ll shank you” eyes mind you, but they were just more refreshed. *coughs*

After using it for the time that I had it, I noticed that my face felt so much different in the “mornings.”

As for the aftermath.  I can tell a difference.  A BIG difference.  My face feels rougher, more blah.  I do not have that baby bottom feel that I thought I had before. Now that I think about it, I do not even think my skin was soft to begin with. I can tell a noticeable difference between using it and not using it.

So to sum this all up.  The packaging is great, the creams are just beautiful smelling and feel terrific on your skin. You will notice a difference within moments of putting it on, but even more as time goes on.  So yes, my friends, I do suggest this product to everyone.  The price is not high for it either.  For the amount of money  you spend for more expensive treatments, I feel that this route is the best way to go.

Dermasil, if you are seeing this.  Thank you.  What you all do for us is just amazing.


.:Late to our Date – A Movie Review – Krampus:.

Okay, I know I am a little late for this but I am doing a review on a movie that I have been dying to watch.  Krampus. Yes, I know that a lot of you have already watched this movie, but with times being what they are, and the moolah being tight around here, I was not able to see this doozy on the big screen. Honestly, I haven’t seen a movie in the theater since Big Hero 6, but I digress.

The movie focuses around a family of Scrooges having their normal reunion for the Christmas season. A little boy sees it as a means of just having family together. His grandmother, a woman that seems to only speak german I am guessing, too is only wanting happiness for the family. But no one is happy, it is all for show.

Teasing happens between the boy and what I am guessing are his cousins and he ends up tearing up his letter to Santa and tossing it out the window where it flies up into the air and into what seems to be oblivion.

But someone got the letter.  Krampus, the opposite of Santa comes into the picture and all kinds of mean shenanigans goes on. I am not going to give any more away since some of you might not have watched it, so I am just going to give my opinion here.

I had worked this movie up so much in my mind.  The very air was electric when I held the DVD in my hand.  Oh how my very heart sang as I put it into the player.  And then….. disappointment.  I was seriously let down.  Honestly, I cannot truly pinpoint what let me down so much. It was little things that just… rubbed me the wrong way.

The plot was there, I could see it, but it played out in a bad way.  It left me feeling like something was missing.  It jumped from bit to bit without thoroughly explaining WHY. Yes, some of you might argue that I missed something and I might have.  But I feel that the plotline, while it was there, it wasn’t explored in a way that could give a person closure.

The acting was good, but in the end, it felt like they were short on some of the ways that they delivered.  Their lines, while done well, just didn’t give the feeling of being truly in the moment.  It was like some of them were forced and not thought through. I know it seems like a bad way of putting this, but it truly felt more like a “scary” remake of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation mixed with The Ref. I do feel that the only one that truly made a fabulous character was the Grandmother. But in the end, her delivery was confusing and weird.  Why was she only speaking german when she clearly spoke english as well?  Especially since many of the other family members didn’t understand.

The “creatures” were well done, and certainly held that bit of fear drawing that many “monster” movies do which was a bonus.  They were well made, and I could see that someone put a lot of heart into it, but….  Krampus himself seemed like another thing that was rushed.  The makeup, while certainly freaky, just didn’t give  the oomph that I feel it should have.  He seemed meek compared to lets say… the clown monster.

Now, I am going to touch something else about the characters here.  The human ones. It never explained why they were acting the way they were.  Why was the family so broken?  Why was it so destructive?  What caused the family to be the way they were?  I know it seems like I am just picking at hairs here, but I want to know the history of WHY.

These aren’t the only things that I have a problem with, but I am going to leave it at this. So would I suggest this movie to the peeps?  Yes. Yes I would. Not because of the movie itself, BUT of the POINT of the movie.  The thought of a Christmas Krampus coming and punish people that don’t have the spirit of Christmas, I feel is something deeper.  Having the love of a family, sharing times together in joy is what this movie is about.  It doesn’t have to be about Christmas, but about anything in your life.  Being with the ones you love, the ones that love you back is something that I think all of us can learn from.  We all need to open our eyes to what family truly means.  It is about LOVE. While this movie doesn’t necessarily delve into that, it can be seen.

I do hope that all of you hold your family close.  Even those that you have chosen. Cherish one another.


(PS.  I do not own any rights to the movie, I am just stating my opinion.  The featured image is also not owned by me in any shape or form. I would like to thank Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures for the Poster that you see.)

.:Product Review – Kleancolor Madly Matte Lip Gloss:.

Hello my lovely friends!  I do hope that all is well.

You will see from my previous blog that I ended up finding a shop called ShopMissA where everything is $1 USD.  I spent all of 14 bucks (not including shipping!) on 14 awesome thingamabobs because I wanted to see how good the products are FOR YOU!  Woot woot!  And yes, a little for myself.  So you will be getting a full on review of each of the thingies that I got, with the exception of a few NON make-up things.  (They had kitty phone dust thingies!  They are sooooo cute!  AAAAAAAH!  Anywho!)

The first product that I tried was the one that I was most excited about.  It is the Kleancolor Madly Matte Lipgloss in the color Proper (1641.) *throws in photo like a BOSS!*


As you can see, the packaging is pretty simple.  The lid is black and slick, but very easy to hold, the container itself is clear and shows the color of the product very well.  The shade itself is a gorgeous and silky purple. The picture here doesn’t necessarily do it justice to the physical presence itself. So I was extremely excited when I opened up the delivery bag.

The shade is deep and for some reason soothing to me, and yes, it makes no sense to me either.

As for the product itself.  The color, when put on the skin (I done a swatch to see how it looked,) is extremely pigmented.  By the description it is meant to dry into a deep velvety finish to which it did on my hand.

But that is where it all went wrong. I was going out the day after I got the goodness, so I decided to wear it. It went on patchy and cakey. The color not holding out against the hotness of my mouth hole. I hate to say it, it stayed sticky and as the day wore on, it became thick and unmanageable. It felt like I had tar on my lips.  So I decided that I was going to wipe it off.  Welllllll….

To make a long story short. It wouldn’t come off all the way. I ended up having this really interesting marbling effect, for the rest of the day.  Yeah….

So, for my thoughts on this product. I cannot suggest this lip gloss.  I feel terrible for saying it, but in the end, I just can’t.  The packaging is a win, the scent of it is just amazing. (Kleancolor products have wonderful smells.  This one smells sort of like coconuts!) The product itself, while it is deeply pigmented, it just isn’t really worth it.  BUT, I am not some makeup guru, and there is a chance that I am just doing things wrong with it.  So, I am going to do a few more tests.  I will keep you posted about them!

Remember to stay true, and stay you my dears.



.: Store Review – ShopMissA.com:.

Alright my lovely hooligans!  I am going to be reviewing a store and let me tell you, I am tickled pink to have found this one. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is ONE DOLLAR.  Let me repeat that…. ONE FREAKIN’ DOLLAR.  What is this magickal place you say?


So let me get down to the business of ShopMissA.  They have so many awesome things.  Makeup, Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Random Accessories.  It is mind boggling.  And as I said before, it is all a dollar.

The site is set up very nicely, and the pages are easy to read.  The layout is interesting and involving and I do have to say, it is easy on the eyes.  Across the top of the first page is the menu, giving you the options of choosing a specific type of product or even a brand name.

They also have a certain button on the menu list that says, “FOMO” which means “Fear Of Missing Out.”  It gives you the opportunity to buy products in complete sets which are given a discount. It is a bit more expensive to do it that way, BUT is still worth it.  For instance, buy 10 lipsticks for 10 dollars OR buy the set for 9 dollars. It works like that. They are further separated into these hoolollies:

Cliques: This is a pack of your favorites all bundled into one.

Kits: This is an all-in-one kinda thing.

Oh Sh!t: This one is a giant pile of goodies that are just awesome.

Also if you spend over 300 USD (yeah, not happening in this house yo!) you are then added to the A-list.  The A-list is a loyalty program that gives opportunities to its members to buy special products still only for a dollar.

As for the shipping, I ended up spending 14 dollars (that was 14 products!) and only spent $3.95 for shipping.  Which in my opinion is pretty cheap.  But honestly, I done a bit of a test on that too.  I ended up filling up my cart with 19 things and it was still 3.95.  So yeah, it isn’t bad.  Also, if you spend $35 in one sitting there, you get free shipping to anywhere in the US.

Now…. For the downside.

Some of the products are unavailable or sold out.  If it is a popular item, it might be hard to get your hands on certain things.  You have to be quick on the draw to nail them, but it is well worth the wait.

So, my full opinion?

I think that ShopMissA.com is a great company to order from.  Their shipping was quick and easy.  The products themselves are amazing and definitely cheap. I do think that if the whole “sold out” thing was not so overwhelming that it would be even greater.

So  yes, I will be shopping there again, I will tell my friends about it and I give them 2 big thumbs up.



.:Product Reviews vs. Huge Haul Videos:.

Hey friends!  I do hope that all of you are doing well.  In my previous blog, I wrote about hauls and whatnot and how to not take the “overkill” to heart.  Yes, I still feel that showing off all this stuff that you bought is just beckoning others to feel bad about their inability to do so.

BUT a very nice person (keeping ya name quiet dear for privacy sake!) brought up a great point in a comment about how they watch “haul” videos for the sake of seeing how good a product is.  And I definitely agree with that.

I do also need to explain that I do not begrudge all the wholollies and whatsamajiggers that people are able to buy.  Hell, I am happy that they are able to.  They work  hard for the stuff so I can’t get mad about that.  The thing that really bothered me the other day is how all this stuff that a certain YouTuber bought came to over 1200 USD!  I know that many of us out here aren’t able to just willy nilly spend a small fortune on clothes and shoes, but want so much to be able to.  So many of us aren’t able to due to lack of work, disabilities, or just not able to cover immense amounts of things.  Hell to me, being able to buy a t-shirt is like a gift from Santa.

I just wanted all of you to know that, no matter what you have, no matter who you are, stuff isn’t important. Material things isn’t what makes you who you are.  It is you.  Your personality, your heart, your very soul makes you a wonderful and beautiful person.  And I LOVE you for that.

Just know that while I will be doing reviews of products, it isn’t to show off. It is only to give you the information that you need if you want to know about a product.  But it won’t be high dollar stuff. Just sayin.

Be you and Be True my friends.


(P.S.  Got a review coming up for all of you of a product soon!)

.:My thoughts on Haul Videos:.

Alright friends.  I know that many of you enjoy watching haul videos, but I know that someone you are just just me and feel that they are a bit on the “look at me and what I got!” spectrum.  First I want to explain what I mean and then I will set an example.


The “Look at me and what I got” spectrum is how I feel when I see other people doing haul videos.  (Note here: I do not mind watching videos like, what I got for xmas, or birthday. Let that be clear. I am happy that people share those videos showing the love in a family. Love doesn’t always involved gifts though!  Remember that!) It is what they are presenting when they show off what they “buy” for themselves. It is, to me, like a boot to the face to those that are unable to buy the things that are being “pushed” on the viewers. There are a lot of us out there that are unable to buy the high dollar things.  We are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to figure out how the hell we are going to pay our bills, or shopping at dollar stores and Walmart.  Many of the viewers that are on those “haul” videos are underage or are not financially able to buy the stuff that are being shown.  108 dollars for a TSHIRT? I don’t think so.

As for my example, I decided to see what the deal was with the haul videos.  And I watched one higher up YouTuber with a video called “Fashion Haul and Shoe Unboxing” and let me tell you people, HOLY CHEEZITS. I remember sitting there and going “OMG I love that shirt!”  or “Those boots are amazing!!” until I came back to my senses and decided to really pay attention to what was being shown.  I wrote down the names of each of the products, and then set about to investigate. I went to the website where the things were bought and I searched for EACH THING.  And to tell you the truth, I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had just stepped back and forgot about it.

All together, this Youtuber paid…. in excess of 1200 dollars.  So let me break this down for you.

  • 100 boots
  • 54.40 tshirt
  • 49.50 tshirt
  • 103.50 tshirt
  • 188 sweater
  • 42 tshirt on sale
  • 88 boots
  • 72 purse
  • 64 shoes on sale
  • 70 boots
  • 36 tshirt
  • 64 shoes on sale
  • 72 boots on sale
  • 80 boots on sale
  • other random objects that were unavailable

Total coming to 1260.60 just for the stuff I could find.

I felt myself have a small heart attack.  I couldn’t believe it.  So I done a bit more investigating.  I began looking at the comments.  Most of which were “I love that sweater, but I just don’t have the money for that.” or “Wow, those boots are fab, do you know where I could find them cheaper?”

I am not going to sit here and begrudge a person for spending a small fortune on OBJECTS. I really won’t.  But what I will begrudge is a person that flaunts it for the world to see, without thought that those that are unable to get things like that.  Not all of us are able to. And not being able to is NOT A BAD THING.  There are many of us that are able to be happy about what we have.  IT isn’t about settling either.  It is about knowing the difference between what is worth it, and what isn’t.

Just having an object doesn’t make the world go ’round.  Yes, even I sometimes wish that I had a fortune to spend on menial foolishness.  But I also know that what I do have, and I cherish every single bit.

Friends, don’t ever watch those videos if they make you feel like crap for not being able to afford what another has.  Envy is not a good thing.  Learn to appreciate and love what you do have.  One of these days, you will get up there, you will be able to set your mark, but just remember, don’t flaunt it.


Random Thoughts by a sleepy head…

Yes my friends, I am sleepy and I have a migraine, so I guess now is a good of a time as any to write some random thoughts down.

You know, I have really sat and thought the last few hours about how so many of us are unique and different, but pushed so hard to stay within the “norm” of society that it is hard to pull ourselves out of this rut caused by what I can only call peer pressure.

Looking, acting and pretty much becoming someone else to suit anothers vision of us is not the way to live our lives friends.  It truly isn’t.  If a person is to truly care about you, they need to care about all of you.  Sorry for sort of quoting (calling it sort of since my brain is revolting and apparently trying to escape out my ears) Baby from Dirty Dancing, but it does fit a situation like this.

“If you love me, you have to love all the things about me.”

That is so very true.

See my dears, you are put on this planet, created in such a way that is perfection.  While there will be bumps in the road, scars given, hurts happening, in the end, we must all stand up and dust ourselves off.  Whether it is God or just evolution, we are perfectly imperfect.  No matter the reason, no matter the cause.  You are you, and there is nothing in the world that is better than that.  So here I go, trying to quote someone else now, but this time, I’m Seussing it up.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

So keep that in your thoughts my friends.  No matter what happens in your life, there is no one alive that is you.  You are perfect.  You are wonderful.

BE YOU AND GOSH DARN IT BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE!  Unless of course you are wanting to be some type of psycho crazy person that hurts, maims (among other things) people.  If that is the case, you might want to rethink your yous.

Love always,


PS. Please accept my apologies for the rambling.  I am mostly typing out my hoohaa since the noggin’ is being a doofus.