.:Online Store Review – Boxed.com:.

Hello lovely people!  How are you all today? I do hope that things are beautiful for you.

As many of you know, I am always on the lookout for good deals and great prices. On one of the very seldom days of me watching the box with moving pictures, aka television, I saw a commercial for an online store called Boxed.com.  It is a store that specializes in providing bulk grocery and household items for cheaper prices than in the store.  Think of it as a Sams Club, but just online.

I thought to myself, “Lilly, this is something we need to look into.  We need to investigate this magic for ourselves.” And so, I went onto the site and low and behold, what they said was true.  They did seem like cheaper prices, and there were some other “perks” that I will discuss in a bit.

I sat on that website for weeks, months even, debating in my head if I should bite the bullet and give it a shot. So, on March 1st (keep in mind, this is the 3rd!) I finally jumped and started the search for things I needed.

Slowly I filled my cart, and honestly, I felt my heart racing, fear mixed with excitement pouring through my veins like a drug.  I was terrified, but the thought of not having to step foot in the bowels of hell that we know of as a BULK STORE was making my mouse move. Thing after thing I clicked, “OH I need this!  And this!”  I finally came to my senses and banged my head on the desk for a while telling myself to take one of those chill pills.

I ended up putting 9 things in my cart, things that I needed and a few things that I wanted to give the childlings. And then into the process of actually PURCHASING said things.

The process was pretty simple to say the least, the site giving clear and precise instructions on what to do.  And the site was secure (I have a scan thingie that looks for all the foolishness out there.  *leans in close* Watch out for a certain bargain site. *coughs* Wish *coughs*)

Now, I want to explain something here. To me, I bought a lot of stuff. And it would have came out to be a pretty penny.  BUT.  When  you make an account, Boxed will provide free shipping on your first order. You can also occasionally find other offers as well.  Coupon codes on the site that will bring your price down even further.  Also, if I am remembering correctly, you also receive a $10 bonus, just for signing up.  That will drop your price to low low.  And it DID.

My original price for the things in my cart was a little over $70 dollars (not including shipping!). With the $10 bonus, and a code that I found on the site which took 15% off of the order, my price before shipping was $40. Add on to that the free shipping, and the price is awesome.

Speaking of shipping. I got my box today. Let me say that one more time.  I got my box TODAY. It is the 3rd of March, 2017.  I ordered on March 1st, 2017.  I will give you a moment to let that sink in.                                                  There.  Yes my friends, it made it here in 2 days.

So I tear into the box, my fingers itching to see the prizes within. I was estatic. But I remember looking at the box, thinking about what I had ordered and stopped for a moment. “This box seems a bit small for what I got,” I thought to myself. And I tentatively began removing the things I had gotten. Here is the list and I’ll try to make it quick. *coughs* Bullet Points. *coughs*

  • Bandaid Brand adhesive bandages (280 count) $11.99: The deal was perfect in my opinion. If you think about it, the small boxes in the store is around 4 bucks. With maybe 30 bandages inside.
  • Hunts Tomato Paste (12 count) $5.99: This was another winner.
  • Argo Corn Starch (35 oz) $4.99:  For the size, it is definitely priced well.
  • Crisco Shortening (48 oz) $6.99:  This one I am on the fence about.  I am sure I could have gotten cheaper at a shop in town.
  • St.  Ives Apricot Scrub x2 (6 oz per bottle) $6.49: This one is about the same anywhere you go.
  • Crisco Vegetable Oil (64 oz) $6.99: This one, I am honestly feeling a bit let down about. I felt there would be a bit more but the bottle seems small.
  • Honey Bunches of Oats (3 lbs) $7.99:  The price in store, for just a single box is normally up in price so this was killer.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch (3 lbs) $7.99:  See Honey Bunches of Oats above yo!
  • Barilla Pesto Sauce x4 (6.3 oz per bottle) $10.99: I want to be mad. I reallllly want to be mad at this. The bottles were tiny.  TEENY TINY. And could easily fit in the palm of my hand. Do I think it was worth it?  No, BUT do I think it is worth it?  YES. Let me explain.  I love pesto, my childlings love pesto. Waya bro loves pesto.  Will one bottle be enough for us to enjoy the splendid flavor of the sauce of the Gods?  I hope the hell so.  The bottles are just so tiny and itty bitty, but yes, it is worth it people. 10.99 for 4 bottles is killer.

So, as for my thoughts.

Boxed.com is definitely a place that I feel we could all use. The website is easy to navigate, and is easy on the eyes.  They have many deals going on all the time, and considering the first time you get onto the site and create an account,  you instantly get free shipping on that first order.

Will it keep you out a store completely?  No.  Unfortunately not.  They do not sell cold products, or meats. So those are things that you will need.  They also have pet products, cleaning supplies, laundry things. It is a huge array of items and all in bulk. They carry name brand things that normally cost a fortune in stores.

BUT like I said before, you need to really do some recon on the products that you find.  Look up prices at on different websites like Walmart.com, or even grocery stores. See if what you find is worth it.

Now, there is one tiny detail that I left out.  So, I am going to go ahead and tell ya. With every order that you do, you are able to get 2 free samples from the list of things that they provide. FREE SAMPLES. There can be anything on there.

So in the end, do I suggest this place?  Yes. I do. Especially for people that hate being in the large crowds that are normally found in stores. Will it help completely?  No. There will still be things that are needed. But yes, go and check it out.  At least give it a looksee. It doesn’t hurt to at least try it out right?

Much love,



.: Store Review – ShopMissA.com:.

Alright my lovely hooligans!  I am going to be reviewing a store and let me tell you, I am tickled pink to have found this one. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is ONE DOLLAR.  Let me repeat that…. ONE FREAKIN’ DOLLAR.  What is this magickal place you say?


So let me get down to the business of ShopMissA.  They have so many awesome things.  Makeup, Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Random Accessories.  It is mind boggling.  And as I said before, it is all a dollar.

The site is set up very nicely, and the pages are easy to read.  The layout is interesting and involving and I do have to say, it is easy on the eyes.  Across the top of the first page is the menu, giving you the options of choosing a specific type of product or even a brand name.

They also have a certain button on the menu list that says, “FOMO” which means “Fear Of Missing Out.”  It gives you the opportunity to buy products in complete sets which are given a discount. It is a bit more expensive to do it that way, BUT is still worth it.  For instance, buy 10 lipsticks for 10 dollars OR buy the set for 9 dollars. It works like that. They are further separated into these hoolollies:

Cliques: This is a pack of your favorites all bundled into one.

Kits: This is an all-in-one kinda thing.

Oh Sh!t: This one is a giant pile of goodies that are just awesome.

Also if you spend over 300 USD (yeah, not happening in this house yo!) you are then added to the A-list.  The A-list is a loyalty program that gives opportunities to its members to buy special products still only for a dollar.

As for the shipping, I ended up spending 14 dollars (that was 14 products!) and only spent $3.95 for shipping.  Which in my opinion is pretty cheap.  But honestly, I done a bit of a test on that too.  I ended up filling up my cart with 19 things and it was still 3.95.  So yeah, it isn’t bad.  Also, if you spend $35 in one sitting there, you get free shipping to anywhere in the US.

Now…. For the downside.

Some of the products are unavailable or sold out.  If it is a popular item, it might be hard to get your hands on certain things.  You have to be quick on the draw to nail them, but it is well worth the wait.

So, my full opinion?

I think that ShopMissA.com is a great company to order from.  Their shipping was quick and easy.  The products themselves are amazing and definitely cheap. I do think that if the whole “sold out” thing was not so overwhelming that it would be even greater.

So  yes, I will be shopping there again, I will tell my friends about it and I give them 2 big thumbs up.



.:Shop Review – DressLily.com:.

Hello lovelies!  I do hope that all of you are doing alright. 🙂  I am doing alright, but I have something I need to say.

Many of you have seen the advertisements for DressLily.com I’m sure.  They show amazing clothing at affordable prices.  Yeah, I thought you might. Well friends, after seeing the ads for ages, I finally took a look at the site.

HOLY SWEET JEEBERS, the clothes are amazing looking.  They have great styles, even for someone like me (nothing but black clothes baby!) and I was amazed to find the prices to be superb.

So after a lot of talking with the fam, I thought “Hell, why not try it out?” So through the site I scoured for just the perfect thing(s) to add to my wardrobe.  I wanted to buy something that would be worn, but something that was not outrageously priced.

I finally settled on a dress and a corset both at the lower spectrum in price.  I will start with the corset.

Stylish Solid Color Hollow Out Slimming Women's Waist Training Corset $7.57

This is the “Stylish Solid Color Hollow Out Slimming Women’s Waist Training Corset,” priced at $7.51 USD.   The look of it is quite gorgeous, and well put together (it seems.)  Which is hard not to do considering that you have the different hooks like a bra typically does.  It is stretchy, the fabric soft but the boning is not nearly as stiff as you would think a “waist trainer” would be.  The fit was snug the way it should be, and sturdy on the waist. I am quite happy with it, but we shall see how long it lasts.

Next is the “Trendy Black Hooded Finger Hollow Out Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress for Women”

Trendy Black Hooded FInger Hollow Oul Long Sleev Bodycon Dress for Women $11.81

And it is priced at 11.81 USD. And here is where the nightmare begins.

The fabric is soft and thin, with that slight amount of stretch that makes it “comfortable” to wear.  As with all China-based shops, you always buy one size larger than what you would normally wear.  So I picked the XL size.  I am fighting really hard not to call bullshit on that friends.  Truly I am.  But as I slipped that puppy over my head, my arms sliding into the armholes, I felt deceived.  I pulled downward, finally getting that thing around myself, only to realize that this… This was not a dress.  This was a shirt.  It doesn’t go over the butt, it doesn’t wrap around ya thighs.  It wraps around ya middle like some psycho crop top.

I could feel my boobs screaming in protest, and turned with agony in my eyes to look in the mirror.  I looked like the Michelin man wrapped in black saran wrap.  It was a nightmare.  I then started paying attention to my arms, which weren’t nearly in the sleeves the way they should have been.  Only my wrists were poking out of the armholes giving me the look of some disappointed T-Rex.  The muscles in my upper arms are pretty big, and boy did I realize it.  That was when I also realized, I couldn’t get out.

Thank heavens for Waya, let me just say that he saved the day.

So, my opinion:

About the corset, I love it.  Truly.  You do need to follow the guide on the page to make sure that you get the right one.  Measure people.  Measuring is needed and pretty simple.

The dress/bullshit I stare at with as much hatred as I possibly can give as it sits on my clothing rack mocking me. I hate you Trendy Black Hooded Finger Hollow Out Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress for Women.  I do feel that if you have any muscle at all, or even BOOBS for that matter, go 2 sizes bigger.  Heck, IF I try it again, my rear is probably going to head for 3 sizes.

Now, will I be ordering again?

Maybe.  They do have a lot more to offer than just evil demon dresses created in the bowels of hell.  And the corset is definitely worth it for only 7 something.

We shall see.


*All photos within this blog post are property of the DressLily.com company.  They are in no way mine or connected to me in any way other than being what I purchased.