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Hello lovelies!  I do hope that all of you are doing alright. 🙂  I am doing alright, but I have something I need to say.

Many of you have seen the advertisements for DressLily.com I’m sure.  They show amazing clothing at affordable prices.  Yeah, I thought you might. Well friends, after seeing the ads for ages, I finally took a look at the site.

HOLY SWEET JEEBERS, the clothes are amazing looking.  They have great styles, even for someone like me (nothing but black clothes baby!) and I was amazed to find the prices to be superb.

So after a lot of talking with the fam, I thought “Hell, why not try it out?” So through the site I scoured for just the perfect thing(s) to add to my wardrobe.  I wanted to buy something that would be worn, but something that was not outrageously priced.

I finally settled on a dress and a corset both at the lower spectrum in price.  I will start with the corset.

Stylish Solid Color Hollow Out Slimming Women's Waist Training Corset $7.57

This is the “Stylish Solid Color Hollow Out Slimming Women’s Waist Training Corset,” priced at $7.51 USD.   The look of it is quite gorgeous, and well put together (it seems.)  Which is hard not to do considering that you have the different hooks like a bra typically does.  It is stretchy, the fabric soft but the boning is not nearly as stiff as you would think a “waist trainer” would be.  The fit was snug the way it should be, and sturdy on the waist. I am quite happy with it, but we shall see how long it lasts.

Next is the “Trendy Black Hooded Finger Hollow Out Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress for Women”

Trendy Black Hooded FInger Hollow Oul Long Sleev Bodycon Dress for Women $11.81

And it is priced at 11.81 USD. And here is where the nightmare begins.

The fabric is soft and thin, with that slight amount of stretch that makes it “comfortable” to wear.  As with all China-based shops, you always buy one size larger than what you would normally wear.  So I picked the XL size.  I am fighting really hard not to call bullshit on that friends.  Truly I am.  But as I slipped that puppy over my head, my arms sliding into the armholes, I felt deceived.  I pulled downward, finally getting that thing around myself, only to realize that this… This was not a dress.  This was a shirt.  It doesn’t go over the butt, it doesn’t wrap around ya thighs.  It wraps around ya middle like some psycho crop top.

I could feel my boobs screaming in protest, and turned with agony in my eyes to look in the mirror.  I looked like the Michelin man wrapped in black saran wrap.  It was a nightmare.  I then started paying attention to my arms, which weren’t nearly in the sleeves the way they should have been.  Only my wrists were poking out of the armholes giving me the look of some disappointed T-Rex.  The muscles in my upper arms are pretty big, and boy did I realize it.  That was when I also realized, I couldn’t get out.

Thank heavens for Waya, let me just say that he saved the day.

So, my opinion:

About the corset, I love it.  Truly.  You do need to follow the guide on the page to make sure that you get the right one.  Measure people.  Measuring is needed and pretty simple.

The dress/bullshit I stare at with as much hatred as I possibly can give as it sits on my clothing rack mocking me. I hate you Trendy Black Hooded Finger Hollow Out Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress for Women.  I do feel that if you have any muscle at all, or even BOOBS for that matter, go 2 sizes bigger.  Heck, IF I try it again, my rear is probably going to head for 3 sizes.

Now, will I be ordering again?

Maybe.  They do have a lot more to offer than just evil demon dresses created in the bowels of hell.  And the corset is definitely worth it for only 7 something.

We shall see.


*All photos within this blog post are property of the DressLily.com company.  They are in no way mine or connected to me in any way other than being what I purchased.


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