.:Scents and What they CAN Do:.

Hello my dears! I do hope that all of you are well. I wanted to just post a little bit about something I have been thinking about lately.

I am a big scent person. I love smelling everything. It is a tick that I guess is a bit strange.

I buy something, no matter what it is, I smell it first. So you can understand that when it comes to scents in general, I use them a lot.I have an entire drawer dedicated only to incense, oils and other yummy sniffy things that I love. Yes, it has become an obsession and I seriously don’t mind it.

But I want to ask you friends, how does scent effect your lives?
Are there scents that bring you joy? Are there scents that make you panic? What scent triggers a long forgotten memory that makes you smile?

I can tell you about one scent in particular that makes me so happy when I catch it on the wind. Fresh baked doughnuts. Yes, I love that smell. It reminds me of a time in my childhood.
When I was little, my family and I lived at the beach. Right across from the boardwalk. And every morning, our little apartment was filled with the smell of fresh doughnuts being cooked. There was a doughnut shop down the walk that made them fresh every single day. The aroma would float through the breeze and into my lungs, filling me with such delicious feelings. I adored it.

All of us are so twined up in our lives that we really do not spend time to “smell the roses,” to relax and release tension. We all need to spend time taking within the soothing properties of what Mother Earth as given us in the shape of those blooms. Perhaps, just perhaps we would rest for a moment, and stop being in such a hurry.

All of us need to see that smells have the ability to heal our bodies, our minds, our very spirits. It can give us that oomph that makes it all better. It can heal your skin in ways that nothing else can.

We all need to take a few minutes out of our days to just sit and relax; give our minds and bodies time to release all the tension, to remove the stress and replace it with serenity. All you need is the scent that makes it all better.

I am going to give a few definitions here, that way when I say it in this post, you will be better able to understand what I am meaning. I will also provide a list of different scents that will help to releave any tension and stress. **These are things that help me during my techniques. You can easily find things that work for you. Just let your noseholes do the talking*

You will see that I have used this term a lot during my rambling. So let me explain what it means. Aromatherapy is the act of using oils/scents to help to heal the mind, body and spirit. It promotes good feelings and brings your energy level to an even keel.
Taking different scents and adding them together can be cause a strong effect. Take Lavender and Rose for instance. Mixing those two together can give you a more calming, almost sleepy state.
Essential Oils:
An essential oil is what is extracted from different flowers, grasses, roots, fruits when processed properly. It is the essence of the “herb” and the natural oils that they contain. It is extracted in many different ways, so you must always make sure to look for oils that are organic and not filled with other properties. Also, do not go for oils that say “fragrance” or “perfume” oil. Those are not safe to put on your body. In other words, it CAN make you sick.
Base Oil:
Many times and essential oil is so concentrated that it can burn your skin. You take a base oil (see list below) and mix it with your choice of scents and it becomes and amazing massage oil treatment. The base oil itself has no odor and will not taint the smell of the essence you are using. BUT keep in mind, there are “base” oils out there that can overthrow the scent and ruin what you have created.
Here is a short list of base oils that you can use when mixing. I will also share the good things about them as well:
Apricot Kernel Oil: This oil is good for all skin types, especially skin that is sensitive and extremely dry. It can also help to soothe skin that is inflamed.
Carrot Oil: If you have eczema or psoriasis, this oil is a God-send. It can releave the itching that occurs and can help heal the skin from deep within. You can also use this oil on scars and stretch marks to keep them from getting worse.
Corn Oil: Corn oil is a soothing and smooth oil to use on all skin types. The only problem (to me) is that it smells funny.
Evening Primrose: If you have MS, menopause, heart disease, this oil can ease the pain that you may have. It is good to rub it into your joints and places that have flared to ease the tension and release the muscles. It is also another oil that is really good for treating skin ailments that cause you to itch and flake (i.e psoriasis/eczema.)
Grapeseed Oil: This oil is good for all skin types. The clearness of it is simply wonderful and can carry essential oil scents very well. It is the best for massage oils in my opinion.
Jojoba Oil: This oil is like a one two punch to all kinds of skin issues. Inflamed skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema and even hair care. It penetrates deep into the skin to encourage healing from within. AND the best part, it is good for all skin types. *SMILE!*
Olive Oil: Olive oil is another oil that soothes the skin and assists in healing. It is perfect for those that have arthritus. The oil seeps into the skin and into the joints to well…. Just think that it is the WD/40 of joint health. Just sayin.
Peanut Oil: Honestly, I couldn’t give you any information about Peanut Oil. I am allergic and tend to steer far away from it. BUT, do know this. It is good for all skin types, and helps soothe tired worn skin.
Safflower Oil: This oil is perfect for a massage oil. It flows into the skin to help relieve tension. Great carrier of essential oils too.
Sesame Oil: Another one two hitter. Good for all skin types and skin ailments.
Sunflower Oil: Good carrier oil and a great base. The one problem with it is that it is a bit sticky feeling to me when I use it.
Sweet Almond Oil: This oil helps to relieve itching and soreness from severe dryness or irritation of the skin. It is like a balm that moves in and fights off the problem. It also smells pretty on its own. But that is just my opinion.

Many of these oils are available in different grocery stores across the nation. But I have added all different ones that have some of the same uses because if you are anything like me and live in B.F.Eqypt, you will not be able to get your hands on some of these oils except on rare occasions. I wanted to make sure that you had plenty to choose from, so that you wouldn’t feel that you needed to go long distances to find “what you need” to create.
Now, I know that I talked a little bit before about what essential oils are, but I want to now add that when you are shopping for different essential oils, you need to make sure that they would be suitable with your skin. Perfume oils are not meant to be put on flesh. Rashes people. RASHES! And can cause adverse reactions on the biggest organ on your body. Thats your skin if you didn’t get it.
You need to find a store or shop that deals with natural oils, health oils things like that. Many towns have health food stores that might carry different types of essential oils. I do know that there are many online stores that deal strictly with essential oils. And makes ure they are not stores that are only in business to make a buck. Pay attention to the details, look up reviews. Do a little detective work. Get to know who you are doing business with. (This is good advice for any situation y’all seriously.)
Always and I mean ALWAYS make sure that you are not getting screwed over too. Do not fall for cheap imitations. Unfortunately, real oils are not cheap. They can run a pretty good penny. But take a look around different places and see how the prices roll. Say if you find a site that has lavender oil for 2 bucks, and another that has the same size for 10, I would go for the 10. BUT if you find another dealer that has the same oil, same size for 50, that M’fer is price gouging. Just sayin.
If you feel that you need more information, by all means speak up. Ask questions to the people you are interested in buying from. If they can’t answer your questions, or ignore you completely, then find another dealer. Find someone that is knowledgeable to buy from. AND ASK YOUR QUESTIONS! Even if you feel that it is a dumb one. The only stupid question is the one not asked. So open your mouth darlings if you don’t know something.
I just realized that I have been rambling for ages. *laughs* I shall let you go to find those scents that make a difference to you. I will post again soon talking about using different scents to help ease your life.

Much love,


PS.  And before I forget.  Like with any product, you need to make sure that you are NOT allergic to the essential oils that you choose to use, or the base oils for that matter.  The best thing to do is take a pen/marker and create a circle on the inside of your elbow. You take the oil in question and put a small dab into the middle of that circle.  Write down the date of when you did over the circle so you can keep it timed.  If your skin becomes red, swollen, blotchy or rashy, DO NOT USE THAT PRODUCT. That means you are allergic.  The pen method also helps if you are testing many different types of oil. All you have to do is mark the circle and write the name and time over each one.  🙂


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