.:Just Random Thoughts:.

Hello my dears.  I do hope this Sunday is going great for you so far.

I am sitting here, trying to relax but I started thinking about how much I read when something hit me.  This is a question that I want all of you to answer.

Have you ever read a book, and with earth-shattering conviction, you just knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that who you are reading about is real and not just born out of fiction?

This is something that I have not been able to get outta my mind.  Could it be that the very works that we hold within our hands are not just a story, but a biography of someones life.

That their story is so resounding, is rips through time and space to implant into another’s brain, causing them the need to write.

Could it be that someone has the ability to pour forth their emotions, to throw their feelings into the world, spreading them out into the cosmos giving us all the gift of their life?

Yes, my friends, these are my thoughts today.

What do you think?

Please comment below and share if you are so inclined.

I want to know what all of you think when it comes to this.

Love Always,



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