.:Game Review – Agar.io:.

You darling people…  Oh my giblits.  I have been playing this game called Agar.io lately and I am ADDICTED now.  See, I watch a YouTuber called JackSepticEye.  If you haven’t ever watched him, I suggest that you do.  He is freakin’ hilarious.  *leans in and whispers “He’s irish.  So if you do watch him, don’t get offended!”*  ANYWAY, he has started playing this and I thought, hell why not right?

Well let me tell you people. Damn.  It is an amazing game that is so simple yet hard at the same time.

The premise of the game is that you are a cell.  A simple little ball of goo.  You go around and eat smaller little balls of goo which in turn, make you a big ball of goo.  You can also “eat” other players as well. Here is a pic of the first screen you see.


It will get bigger if you click on it… I hope…  And I have marked out my favorites and such.  You know, personal suchness.  Which doesn’t make much sense since I didn’t mark out the bottom.  *rolls eyes*  Well Imma doof.  Anywho.

This is what the game looks like when you are playing.

And yes, I will be marking out the top again.  DON’T QUESTION MY LOGIC PEOPLE!!! lol


The game is fun, it is frustrating, it is brain-awakening.  And one that I would recommend to anyone.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Jack for sharing this with his subscribers!  It is so funny to watch him play.

Also, there are other things about the game that I have yet to check out, like different servers, different skins and the like.  There is even a team option.

If you ever play it, and happen to be on the US East Coast server, my name is always Gimmie Cookies.  Just look for my little ball of goo. 🙂

Love you all!

PS!!!  The game is free by the way!


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