.:A Huge Thank You and a bit of Advice:.

Hello friends.  I do hope that all of you are staying cool with this crazy weather we are having.  I have never been so hot in my entire life.  I am the kind of person that will wear a coat all year round, but here I am sitting in my chair wearing a pair of sleep shorts and a sports bra sweating like a convict at a police convention.

The reason for me blogging today is to say thank you.

All of you have stood here with me, been here with me and shared all of my moments that I have posted.  All of you mean the world to me.  I know that the last week or so I haven’t been posting as I normally would, but with the heat and my attitude it has been a bit stressful.  You are all my friends, so I will share what is going on.  Now, keep in mind that I am not whining or asking for pity.  By no means am I doing that.  I consider our community friends and family to me and feel that we, as such, should be able to share on those levels.  We need to be able to do that, especially now-a-days when things seem so rough for so many people of the world.  So as I am “venting” to you, my darling people, I hope that you will feel able to vent to me, to the rest of us as well.  Just remember, if you need to talk, all of you have to do is email me at lileysium@gmail.com.  I am here for all of you!

So basically what is going on:

I live in a small house in East Tennessee.  It is peaceful and beautiful outside.  I am surrounded by the forest, with the animals and plants and just the all around good feeling of nature.  The land is glorious everyone and I feel at home here, more than I have anywhere else.  The house on the other hand has a lot to be desired.  There is no heat, no air conditioner.  The electrical is lacking, the plumbing is a mess.  The walls seem like they are falling apart, the floor is angling.  The basement is a nightmare and filled with all kinds of creepy crawlies that use the cracks and crevices that are here to come into the house itself.  There is barely any insulation and the drainage sucks.

For a lack of a better way to put it, this place is falling to pieces faster than Patsy Cline. (Get the song reference there?  lol) The woman that we rent from while she is a nice lady, things are done as cheap as humanly possible.  (She bought our toilet from a yard sale y’all.)

Then after us living here for around a year, the woman decided to put the house on the market.  Yes, she is selling right out from under us.  We asked if she would do rent to own, but she wanted the money yesterday.  Thankfully the real estate guy told her that there would be no chance of finding a buyer on the place because no one would be willing to finance.  For anyone to get a mortgage, the house has to have wired heat.  Basically it would have to have baseboard heating at least.  Unfortunately, the wiring through this house cannot handle anything else.  She then decided to take it off the market, just so we can find a way to put in the heaters long enough to get a mortgage ourselves.

On top of that, the electric company has basically kicked me in the face.  Their computers messed up royally and didn’t charge me properly for 2 years.  2  years people!  They said that I owe them over 1000 dollars to fix the difference.  So now they are charging me 300 dollars a month to make up the difference.

Then of course, the Department of Human Services has taken all of my Benefits to the bare minimum.  Not sure how that could happen considering that all of the money I have coming in from my disability is going directly to bills.  And I mean ALL of my money.

Now before anyone feels like getting holier than thou with me having the internet.  Look, I do not have cable.  What we do have is a phone that is through the net.  It is 9 dollars a month just for the phone thank goodness.  And the net is around 40 a month.  So 49 dollars a month for a phone, and for something to do is a lot better than what many are paying for a cell phone.  Which I don’t have one of those either.  *laughs*

Now that I have that little part out of the way, lets move on shall we?

Basically y’all, I have just been stressing on how my little family is going to do this.  But I know that the Deities that be do not put anything in our paths just so we can fail.  They do it to make us stronger people.  My family will get through this, it just might take a while for us to get things on the ball.  And we all need to do that.  Every single one of us needs to see our trials and tribulations as learning experiences.  They may stress you out, they may make you feel your lowest, but in the end, you WILL make it through a better person.

WE are all better people for what we have went through, whether good or bad, happy or sad.  We have survived, we have triumphed.  We have made it.

And thank you all.  Thank you for being a part of this community.  Thank you for listening to my ranting and raving, my venting and rambling.  Thank you…for being you.

I love you all,



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