.:Early Morning Thoughts:.

Hello friends.  I hope that all of you are doing well this morning.  Goodness knows I am very thoughtful.

It is 6am and I am looking out of the window beside my desk.  The sun is slowly coming up and outside has that beautiful blue tinge that I have started to love.  If you have never sat up all night, and watched the colors of the sky with the morning light you are truly missing out on an amazing sight.

I can hear the birds starting their days, their chirps carrying on the breeze.  So many different songs are being sung, not only by the birds but also all of the little bugs that make the woods around me their home.  It is a glorious chorus, a symphony. I cannot help but close my eyes at their rhythm, to be amazed by the artistry by which they play.

This is my time, the time where it is just me and the music of nature.  That and the giant spider sitting on the screen of my open window.   Even she is beautiful to me; the fact that she scared the hell of out my cat Roman is an added bonus.

My darlings, I need you to understand something.  If you take nothing else but these words from my blog, please remember this.

Take time my friends.  Take time to sit and just listen, to just hear what nature has to offer.  She is out there, surrounding us in the remarkable wonder of HER.  It is a gift She is giving to us.  Cherish the time.  Whether it is in the early morning light, or in the dusk settling in, just listen and ponder Her mysteries.

You will be grateful for it.


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