.:Tutorial Tuesday – DIY TUTU’S:.

Hello friends!  I hope that all of you are doing good today.  I know that I don’t normally post a DIY or Tutorial on Tuesday but I have GOT to share this with you.  Y’all know that I am a crafty person and when I find something amazing, I will most definitely share it with you!  This, my friends, is simply perfect for those little princesses in your life, or even yourself!  I have made one myself and it looks really amazing.  Oh, and to beat it all.  It is a NO SEW tutorial!



  • 6 Spools of Tulle (6 inches by 25 yards works well)
  • Elastic Ribbon – Sized to fit with 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch seam allowance (If it is for a child, you can easily use one of those elastic headbands)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Ruler


Sew the elastic ribbon edges together and then place around your waist.  (If using an elastic headbands for a child, just place it around their waist.)

Take the tulle and measure from waist to the length you would like to have it.  I normally put mine to mid thigh, but the choice is  yours on length.

measurement 1 As shown in picture here, it is the yellow line.

You would then fold over the tulle to double the length.  Say that you wanted a skirt that was 12 inches long, you would simply multiply it by 2 and get 24 inches.

You would then cut at that measurement and repeat for the rest of the tulle.  This is the time consuming part, but well worth it.

When finished cutting, remove the band from your waist and lay it onto the floor or work table.  Take the first piece of tulle and fold in half.  Lay the folded end of the tulle under the elastic band like this:

Example 1

Now, take the two open edges of the tulle and pull it through the top loop like this:

Example 2

((Says:  Those are shadows yo.  Showing it going under!  God I am bad at this.  I need a camera so I can actually take pics to show. *laughs*))

Pull the tulle so it is tightly wound around the elastic band.  It will look like a tie.

Repeat until you have used all of the tulle, or you do not have any more room on your elastic.

Slip on and check if the sizing is still working and poof, you are done. 🙂  You can cut the ends so they are even, or leave them jagged (which is what I do.)  It is all up to you.

A good addition to the tutu is taking regular ribbons, thick or thin and putting them in between the tulle in the same way.  It brings a bit of flair to a plain tutu skirt.  You can mix and match any colors as well.  The possibilities are endless y’all!

Try it out and take a pic. I would love to see what you have done!

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Love you all!


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