.:Tagalicious Tuesday:.

*grumbles something about just waking up*

Yes friends, I have been asleep for most of the day.  I know, seems like a bit of overkill but I really enjoy sleeping.  What I don’t enjoy is waking up grumpy.  And unfortunately for y’all, and for everyone else in my family, I am grumpy.

But I couldn’t neglect all of you, my dear friends.  Even if I am grumpy as all hell.  So here we are my dears.  So to celebrate my just waking up, my tag for the day is:

Dream Tag

  1. Do you dream? I most certainly do.  Every single time I sleep.
  2. What did you dream about last night?  Well tonight as I was napping, I had a dream about someone that I know.  We were sitting around talking about plans, and then zombies burst in and we pulled a commando moment.  I love those types of dreams.
  3. How many dreams do you usually remember?  99% of them.  Unless they are just blah blah dreams that don’t have any meaning.
  4. Do you have a dream journal?  Yes I do.  I have a few of them actually most of which I don’t use.
  5. How often do you have nightmares? Rarely.  I will explain in #6.
  6. Do you lucid dream?  Yes.  I am a very avid lucid dreamer.  If I don’t like something in a dream, I change it into something else.  There are only a few occasions that I can’t change things.  That is when my subconscious is trying to tell me something important.
  7. Do you dream in color?  Yes I do.
  8. Do you dream in first person?  Depends on what I am supposed to learn from the dream.  Except for the other night. I was in first person because I was meant to be. It was… um… interesting.
  9. Do you have recurring dreams?  Yes I do.  Especially if I don’t listen during the first one.
  10. Have you ever had déjà vu?  Who hasn’t!  Ermergerd.  It makes me feel all wiggly inside when it happens though.  I dun likes it precious.  Those nasty hobbitses.

Well there we go friends.  My grumpy Tag… I mean dream tag.  I’m looking at the questions and realizing that they were way too easy to do.  *laughs*

Do y’all have any suggestions on Tags or Top 5 lists that I can do?  We can all do them together!  🙂  Just email me at LilEysium@gmail.com or leave a comment!  I would love to hear them!

Stay happy y’all, even when you are grumpy!

Love ya!


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