.:Not A Book Review:.

Hello friends!  I hope that on this day you are standing tall and happy.  Goodness knows that it is the best feeling in the world.

I also know that today you are due to get another book review, and…  Today is not going to be about that.  This is something that needs to be talked about and shared.

I know that many of us are struggling right now.  Our money is getting less, bills are getting higher.  It is becoming more and more difficult every day to feed the next generation, to clothe and home the next generation.  Things are becoming way more stressful in this world we live in.

There is help out there friends.  There is help.  But it is time for us, as a clan, to come together and find that help.

Look for local food pantries in your area and USE THEM.

There are even many places like churches that even provide free clothing for the whole family and even some that have both clothing and furniture.  If you have a need, they will help you.  Use them.

I am going to provide a few links within the lower part of this that have many different programs to share and I urge all of you to share as well.

Now, something else that is important to note here.  It isn’t a shameful act to ask for help.  It isn’t.  We, as parents, can’t hold onto that pride for the sake of looks.  We must do what we have to so our children are taken care of.  Put down that pride stick friends and get the help you need.  Forget what others think, how others see you and thank God that you are able to feed your children tonight.

I just realized how scattered this post is and I am sorry friends.  I just spent 4 hours standing in the hot sun to make sure my family was provided for.  I am achy and sunburnt and rather blah, but I did it for my family. 🙂

And please friends, share.  I know there are many of you that live in different states and will know better than I where our clan can go and get assistance.

http://www.foodpantries.org they can provide a list of many different areas in the United States.  If you know of one that isn’t on their list, you can list it.

http://angiesangelhelpnetwork.com/help-for-low-income-families/  They provide a lot of different services and information.

http://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/low_income_assistance_programs.html They have all types of services here that help with bills and other needs.  They even have a list of free health clinics.

And friends, I cannot urge this enough, please share as well.

I love you all.


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