.:Book Review #4:.

Hello my dear friends!  Hope all is well with you this fine evening.  Been an interesting day for me and I hope for you as well.  But always in a good way!

Today we are going to be taking a look at the book “Dark Gold” by Christine Feehan.  It is good number three in her Dark Series.  So here we go!  Enjoy!

Dark Gold

Alexandria Houton was a young struggling artist with many responsibilities, but none more important than taking care of her orphaned little brother Joshua.  They were inseparable, her taking to motherhood very easily.  She had been looking for a long time for a high paying job, one that would make sure to pay the bills at least for a few more months.  But during the most important interview of her life, she felt a darkness surround her.  She had left her brother outside being looked after by a gentleman they had known for a long time.  But something was wrong and she knew it.  She moved out of the restaurant, only to find the man Henry dead, and her brother missing.  What she found as she stood by the cliffs was pure horror.  A monster had Joshua, and she had to save him.  The monster was a vampire, wanting her to be his bride due to her psychic abilities.  Her only worry being for her brother, she stepped to the vile mans side and was bitten.  Locked now by chains in a cavern down below, she struggled to keep her sanity and to protect her only real family.

Aidan Savage was one of the oldest Carpathians in existence.  He and his brother held strong by their dedication to the Prince of their people.  He had spent his entire life killing the undead, serving out justice to anyone that went against them. He had found the lair of one he had been hunting, and after a lengthy fight finally removed the damned from this world.  He knew there was a young woman nearby; she had been abused harshly, and was clutching a child to her chest.  He worried that she was nothing but a vampire puppet and lashed out to protect the child.  She seemed so small, and so weak, and he gnashed into her, intending to end her pain.  But the child, the one he was protecting attacked him, screaming.  He stopped long enough to realize the womans beauty, and that he could truly see her.  Colors surrounded her tiny frame, and his eyes grew wide.

As Alex awoke, nearly a week later, everything was different.  She was assaulted by new feelings, new emotions, a new hunger.  She knew that she was in trouble, and worried for her brother.  She heard steps beside her and turned to find the most beautiful man she had ever seen.  Who was he, where did he come from?  What was she?

You will have to read and find out.


Folks, let me just say this book is one of the best in the series.  It delves deeply into what a woman would do to protect her family.  And it speaks volumes.  It also brings up many of the feelings that revolve around a woman dealing with taking on such a task as unexpected adoption of a sibling.

While this book, I feel, is one of the best in the series, you need to understand something.  It does ramble on a bit.  Alexandria is stubborn as all hell, and sometimes you just want to give her a high-five to the face.  But the childish notions, the outrageous stubbornness gives an air of being real.  There were numerous times during this that I just felt like banging my head on a wall due to her (thinks of a word) insolence.

When you see the interaction between her and her brother, you can’t help but feel the love yourself.  It is explained so beautifully, and eloquently that you yourself can’t help but absorb it.  You become more close to Joshua as a child and feel protective of him as well.

The struggle that is happening within Aidan himself is nearly overwhelming and heart wrenching.  Even though he is a bit bossy and iron willed.  But it makes him more appealing as a character.  You begin to understand the depth of emotion that a male goes through within this series.

Now, my honest thoughts are run.  Run out and get this book immediately.  Read it.  Love it.  ENJOY IT!  Because if you are anything like me, you will LOVE it.

Remember to add your thoughts about this book, if you have read it.  I would love to hear y’alls input.  And by all means feel free to like and share.  Oh, and I will just drop this here: *grins*


NOTE:  I do not own any of the story or the photo of the cover above.  They are both property of Mrs. Feehan herself.  The only thing on here that does truly belong to me is the opinion ONLY.  Also, the stories from the Dark Series are for Adults Only.  There are sexual scenes within the pages.  While they are well written, and classy, they are very detailed and erotic.


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