.:Arcade Block by Nerd Block Review:.

Hello my dear lovelies!  I hope that all of you are doing wonderful this wonderful Thursday.  Yes, it is a bit late in the evening, but I can still wish it if I wanna. That’s how we roll in these parts. *laughs*

Tomorrow is the wonderful Friday.  The glorious beginning to another wonderful weekend that will end way too soon.  But at least we have the days in between to relax and enjoy life.

Now, here is the thing.  I will not be posting anything tomorrow due to my having some massive errands to run.  I will be too covered in those homely type duties that I just won’t be getting around to thinking about products at all.  So I thought I would just share something a little extra special with you tonight.

As we all know, the 10th was Mother’s Day.  A day that has been dedicated to mother’s everywhere.  Well let me tell you something folks, why have a special day for mother’s?

Now before you get all eye-poppin’ on me, let me explain.  A mothers work is never done.  They aren’t able to take time off from their “job” as a taxi driver, a chef, a counselor, a referee and even sometimes a goalie.  They are on the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So why must we only give them the love and thanks that they deserve on that day only?  They deserve a lot from us, their children, every day of the year.  They need to see that we appreciate them, that we wouldn’t be here if not for them.  SHOW THEM LOVE YEAR ROUND.  Do something special for them often, and make sure you tell them that you love them just as much, if not more.

So, to get to “product review.”

My daughter on the Day of Mothers came up to me with a little box in her hands.  She said, “Mommy, this is for you.” Even without seeing it, my heart just grew, and almost exploded into blood and gore from the shear expansion.  I looked up at her, as I always do, with tears in my eyes and said, “Really?  For me?”  And I didn’t even know what the gift was.  She looked at me with those glorious hazel eyes and nodded, her smile lighting up my very soul.  And then, I looked down.  What was in my hands was the epiphany of gifts.  The greatest thing that I have ever received.  I could hear angels singing as my eyes grew wide in shock.  I looked up at her, and back down at this little box.  I could feel my heart pounding as I opened it.  There was no way this could be possible.

It was……  Salt and Pepper Shakers.  Okay, I know that doesn’t seem like it fits with the intro into it, but y’all need to understand.  These aren’t just any old Salt and Pepper Shakers.  THESE… ARE….AWESOME SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS.

They are PAC-MAN Salt and Pepper Shakers.

They are the PAC-MAN GHOST Salt and Pepper Shakers.

inky blinky

Isn’t that the most amazing thing on the planet?!?!

I am over the moon!

Now, she received these in a thing called an Arcade Block.  It is a monthly subscription plan brought to the world by Nerd Block.  You can click here to go to the site.

There are different kinds of Blocks that you can buy.  They are:

  • Nerd Block jr – Girls (13.99 usd)
  • Nerd Block jr – Boys (13.99 usd)
  • Nerd Block Classic (19.99 usd)
  • Comic Block  (19.99 usd)
  • Horror Block (19.99 usd)
  • Arcade Block (19.99 usd)

Each set comes with a specialized T-shirt that fits to your size.  And a plethora of other little things like keychains and plushies.  They are all very well made, and are a mixture of different themes.  I can only really speak about the arcade block because that is the only one we get.  And I am blown away by the level of greatness that comes in these boxes.  The shirts are extremely well done and fit perfectly to size. They do not shrink in the wash which is a bonus and do not fade either.  At least not so far.

Now for the downside.  I am spending nearly 10 dollars for the shipping, which isn’t bad, but the shipping action itself is atrocious.  They take the money off the card you choose on or around the 15th of the month.  Around the 26th, you receive the email saying it will be sent out that week.  But it takes forever to come.  This month, we didn’t get her box until the 8th.  And that was for Aprils Box.  I have had to contact them numerous times to get the information about it, and it just gets tedious.

That is the only major problem that I have with this subscription box.  The products itself make the box worth it because you are getting over $40 dollars worth of stuff for a really good price.  If they fix that mailing issue, then all would be great.


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