.:Taggin’ Tuesday:.

Tags.  The weird stuff that is normally posted on YouTube.  And being that I am an avid watcher of the Tube of You’s I bring you yet another installment of *insert dramatic music here* TAGGIN’ TUESDAY.  I am totally doing jazz hands people.  JAZZ HANDS!

This week I thought we would go with this little ditty.

Get to know me tag

  • Vital Stats:
    Name:               Lilly
    Nicknames:       Loolabelle
    Birthday:           March 31st
    Place of Birth:   Wilmington, NC
    Star Sign:         Aries
    Occupation:     Disabled
  • Appearance:
    Hair colour:      Black
    Hair length:      Top is around shoulder length, rest is shaved.
    Eye colour:       Blue
    Best feature:     Everything.  I’m amazing.  *giggles*
    Braces:             When I was younger.
    Piercings:          Oh yes.  Love them.  I have 4 facial piercings and my ears stretched.
    Tattoos:             Mhm.  Love those too.  I have 7 and want more.
    Righty of Lefty:  Righty
  • Firsts:
    Best friend:        A girl in school name Kristi.  She was pretty cool.
    Award:               Shockingly enough, I made Honor Roll twice.
    Sport:                 Tried out for football in HS, but NOOO I’m a GIRL.  Blargh
    Real Holiday:     Meaning?  Vacation?  Key West when my daughter was two.
    Concert:             Never been to one. *sad panda face*  Well not a “real” one anyway.  I have seen Adelita’s Way.
  • Favourites
    Film:                  Boondock Saints 1 and 2.  Can’t pick between the two.
    TV Show:           Don’t watch it.  But if I had to pick… Um.. The one with that guy. You know the one.
    Colour:               Shockingly enough, it is Turquoise Blue.
    Song:                 Rev 22:20 by Puscifer
    Restaurant:        I couldn’t pick.  Each place that I have been has something I like.
    Store:                 GoodGoth.com or Dollar Tree.  Yeah, I am a cheap shopper.
    Book:                  The entire Dark Series by Christine Feehan
    Magazine:           I love those cheesy tabloids that is so fake.  They make me laugh.
    Shoes:                 hmmm.  My favs were a pair of 20 eyelet boots that fell apart and I can’t get another pair. 😦
  • Currently…
    Feeling:               Honestly?  Like poopies little brother crappy.  I have a headache.
    Eating:                 Nothing at this point and time.
    Listening to:         Me typing.  So relaxing.
    Thinking about:    About the song Mordrid’s Lullaby.  Love that song too and it gets stuck sometimes.
    Watching:            My screen.  Dur.
    Wearing:              My pink and black leopard spot tights, a dark green leopard spot tank and my daughters jacket.
  • Future:
    Want Children:     No.  Not again.  YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!
    Married:                Not a chance.
    Careers in mind:   An artist would be cool.
    Place to live:         Ireland baby!
  • Do you believe in:
    God:                     Definitely, just in a different way than most.
    Miracles:               We are all miracles.  LIFE is a miracle.
    Love at first sight:  Or should I walk by again.  *waggles eyebrows*
    Ghosts:                 Seen too many to say no to that one.  They are out there peeps.
    Aliens:                   I do believe there is life on other planets. Yes.  I don’t call them “aliens” though. I call them people.
    Soul Mates:           Yes I do.
    Heaven:                Yes and no. I do feel there is a special place we go when we pass.
    Hell:                       No, I do not. I do not believe there is a devil either.
    1st date kiss:         No. I don’t like kissing at all though.
    Yourself:               Darn skippy I do.

Well my friends, There we go. Your tag for today.  And guess who I choose to do it next.  ALL OF YOU!



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