.:Monday Make A Thingie:.

Hello my lovelies.

First off, I want to say Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of you!  I wasn’t online yesterday because I spent most of the day with my wonderful mother and had a blast having a cook-out.  It was wonderful.

Now as well know, unless you are new here in Lilly Land that today is the day that we make something together.  And I have been pouring over ideas trying to find the perfect thing to share with you.  AND I come up with pretty much nothing.  *laughs*  As you can see, I have been pretty distracted due to the Motherly holiday.  But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to get some nice down home DIYs.  What I am going to do is share with you one of my favorite tutorials.  I felt that since I watch it, that you too share suffer with me.  Okay, not suffer but still.  You will share in it with me.  *grins*

I will be leaving the video HERE:

And the supply list for the larger sized octopus HERE:

  • Extra Bulky Yarn
  • Large Canvas or a large piece of cardboard (15 1/2 inches wide)
  • Tennis Ball
  • 2- 12 in lengths of the same yarn
  • 8- 19 in lengths of the same yarn

Along with what to do HERE (for all of you that don’t want to watch or can’t watch the video):

Take the large canvas (or cardboard) and place it on the seat of two different chairs.  Make sure there is a gap between each chair.  You then wrap the yarn around the canvas 60 times.  Make sure that you do not wrap too tight or too loose.  When you get all the wraps done, you cut the end.  Make sure you cut it at the same location that you started wrapping.  Like this:

octopus doll

You then cut a scrap piece of yarn off your leftover skein that measures around 12 inches. You wrap it around the top of the wrapped yarn, like this:

octopus doll

Pull to the top and then tie it tightly.  Make sure to knot it numerous times so it won’t fall apart. 🙂 Then cut off the excess strings and slide the whole yarn grouping off the canvas.  Also make sure that you keep the front and the back from tangling together, that way it will be easier for you to cut the ends that aren’t tied like we did a moment ago.  Trust me y’all, it makes it easier!

Now, cut the bottom of the circle to make a bunch of singular strands. Like this:

octopus doll

I am horrible at this whole paint program thing…  DON’T JUDGE ME!!! *giggles*

Lay it out, using the tied part for the middle and each set of strands to either side.  Make it look kind of like a mustache.


Look how debonair. 🙂

Now take the tennis ball and place it on the left (or right) side of the yarnstache.  You then take the other side and fold it over, covering the ball.  Pick the whole she-bang up and make sure that all of the strands of yarn are wrapped neatly around the ball, and not showing any of it.  You then take the second piece of extra yarn and wrap around the base.  Tie it securely around.  (And if y’all were wanting a “drawing” of this part, no… Just no.  Nightmares will ensue.)  Trim off the excess strings (ONLY OF THE ONE  YOU USED TO TIE Y’ALL!)

Now for the fun part.  You separate the strands into tentacles.  There will be 6 tentacles that have 15 strands of yarn per, and then 2 that will only have 14.

Take each separation and braid it.  When you are finished braiding one part, take one of the 19 in threads and wrap around the tentacle a few times, then tie tightly in a knot.  You do not have to cut the extra part off because it will blend in with the bottom of the tentacle.  Repeat for each separation.

When you are done, just trim up the edges to make them even and viola!  You have make your very own octopus yarn doll!

You can decorate them as you would like (i.e. Button eyes or those googly ones that are so creepy).  I suggest a top hat.  Just sayin’.

A huge thank you to SoCraftastic for sharing this little diddy on YouTube.  You can find the link to her channel here or just search for SoCraftastic.  She does many different tutorials and they are pretty nifty to say the least.

I am off to make some now.  I love me some dollies!



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