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HI my lovelies!!!  I do hope that all of you are doing well.  Today has been an interesting one.  Waya and I put up our Tee-Pee today, and to be honest it was a bit anticlimactic. See, it was a gift to us from his mom and when you think Tee-Pee, you think Native American awesomeness.  Well….  It wasn’t.  Its just a tent y’all.  But a very cool tent none-the-less.  It just comes to a point at the top.  Eh, it still works for all intents and purposes.  But I digress.

Today is the day of sharing.  My sharing of opinions about the things I possess (aka buy) and this week is something completely amazeballs.

Dermasil Advanced Treatment Creamy Lotion.

The tube it comes in is pretty simple to look at.  It is a pretty large tube holding 8 fl oz of product.  It is white with the blue dermasil logo on the top edge and the words, “advanced Treatment” is highlighted in pink.  On the back is the normal things, instructions on use, ingredients and the like BUT, there is a major difference.  It has a drug facts area.  Yeah, go figure right.  This lotion contains Dimethicone 1% which is a skin protectant.  It explains in the box what the uses are, and also has warnings like For External Use Only and Do Not Get In Eyes.  I thought it was a bit shiver worthy at first, but realistically all of them should have something like this.

Anywho, the lotion itself is thick and creamy and uncolored.  The scent is very delicate and not overpowering; but it is definitely pleasant on the nose holes.  When you put it on, it does seem a bit greasy but quickly calms down with rubbing.  The thickness of the lotion when going on is fascinating.  Many lotions will “melt” down and become watery where this lotion doesn’t.  It glides on with a smoothness that only a Jazz singer would have.  Seriously y’all, it is fascinating.

Now, here is where the interesting stuff comes into play.  It has Occlusives that block moisture loss from your skin, Humectant to bind water into your skin layers, Skin Lipids to enhance your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and EFA’s: a component of your skins own moisture barrier.

My Opinion:

I have very dry skin y’all.  Very dry. It is a miracle that I don’t just fall apart.  I’m serious, it is that bad.  But this past month of me using this stuff, my skin is more supple and feels so much better than it has ever felt.  I don’t know what else to say but DAMN!  I am blown away by the change in my skin.  I just feel better if that makes sense.

Now for the downside.  The fact that it is so thick is wonderful, but it takes forever to rub in.  It feels greasy and a bit overwhelming, so you have to work it into your flesh.  And it can take a number of minutes to do it.  And when it “wears down,” you can tell.  You feel like you are cracking apart (but that just might be me!)

Another good thing:  I bought this at the dollar tree for a buck y’all.  A BUCK.  It is definitely worth it and I will be buying more and more, well… when I can.  They sold out (dammit) so I am hoping they get it back in.

So it definitely gets the double horns from me!  I suggest for all of you to try it too.  Especially if you have extra dry skin.



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