.:Product Review:.

Hi my lovelies!  I do hope that all of you are doing well today.  My net is still a bit squeamish, but is holding out like a trooper.  YAY!  That makes me a happy panda!


See?  See the happy panda pleasure?  Oh yeah, that is where I am right now. *laughs*

Today I am bringing you a review of a product that I have searched months for.  My rummaging through this and that, hunting through that and this, it has all come to an end friends.

As many of you know, I am very gothic in the way I dress.  Black is my happy place.  But for months, I have been looking diligently (YES I SAID DILIGENTLY) for a decent black lipstick that didn’t cost an arm, a leg and half my soul.  Hot Topic carries them but honestly, I am not willing to shell out 9-10 bucks for make-up.  It just isn’t logical to me.  Not how I roll, yo.  (Did I really just say yo?  Oh good gravy.  YOU KIDS AND YOUR SILLY FLYING MACHINES!)

Anywho, I was at my local Dollar Tree, flouncing up each and every isle like I normally do.  And in the make-up section I saw….  IT. I shake my head and look again.  “Could it be?” I said to myself, closing my eyes and opening them to the truth. Right in front of me, in all of its glory is…. BLACK LIPSTICK.  Keep in mind that I am not one to be subtle.  I let out this sound of pure joy, a sound that echoed within the very halls of my soul and outwards into the very air around me.  It was a sound, my friends, of SUCCESS.

Now keep in mind that I live in a very small town here in the land of Tennessee, my darlings.  A small town that is displeased with one such as me within their kind.  And I made it worse.  All the eyes turned towards me as I bounced around in the middle of that isle friends.  And I mean, ALL THE EYES.  Everyone looked at me like I had either went completely insane or I was about to steal a childs soul and send it down to the depths of hell. (They are weird folks here in this place.)

My elation soon cooled its jets, allowing me to take a deep breath and center myself.  It was at that point that I realized that I was hugging the lipstick to my chest like a kid would a long lost doll.  Yeah, I went that far into my bliss my dears.  I could feel the eyes burning into me as I took EVERY SINGLE BLACK LIPSTICK from the hanger and gently laid them into my cart.

I will spare you the rest of the details of my shopping trip considering I was buying toilet paper and chocolate.  *coughs*

I finally make it home and leave everything on the counter, my only care being the precious cargo that I had in its own special bag.  I sit down in my chair in front of my desk and take one beloved stick out.  I turn it over and over in my hands, feeling the escalating exhilaration hitting me again.  I can’t keep still, I can’t keep calm.  Yet again, I had to take a breath and center.

It is called Expert Last Lip Color NYC.  The shade: 003 Dark Rebirth.  It is 0.11 oz 3.2g, which is a pretty good size, especially for only a dollar.

The packaging itself is very simple and straight forward.  It is a white and black background with what looks like pink, purple and yellow lip stick lines across it.  The back very simply states the entirety of its ingredients and nothing more.  It is quite nice and not overly flashy.  The tube itself is quite nice as well, I will add a picture here (which is one I found on the interwebs):


As you can see, each color is clearly shown on the tube itself.  The lid is clear, giving full view of what lies inside.  On the top of the lid, the letters NYC is imprinted.  (NYC means New York Color btw.)  As you can see, the packaging is pretty snazzy.  As for the color itself, I will give you a looksie.


When I tried it on, I found that the coverage was very good.  It glided on smoothly, did not feel greasy or icky on the lip, which can be an issue with black lipstick.  The one thing I did notice, that didn’t show in the above picture was that there was a slight dark red tinge to the color, which isn’t bad at all.  It added more depth and intensity, which we all know I love.

The most shocking part of the whole thing is, and you are NOT going to believe this:  It smells and tastes like cupcakes.  I am not kidding.  I know it is probably just me, but it seriously tastes and smells like cupcakes.  Can we all say YUM?

Now, as for the downsides.  It is not “kiss proof.”  I don’t know how else to say it.  Anything you drink, eat, touch, it is going to come off.  It will be on everything.  Okay, not everything considering if you go around putting your mouth on everything….  Okay, grossing myself out y’all.  No more of that.

As for my thoughts, I will definitely buy this again, and might even try other colors.  O.O  I know, I am just as shocked that I said that.  But I am giving an A+++ to NYC for bringing this out.

I am out y’all!  Feel free to comment below, or follow if you would like.  We are all about the family here!  If you have tried this type of lipstick before, by all means share. I want your input, your thoughts on it.  See y’all next time!


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