.:Book Review #3:.

Hi my friends!  So glad to see all of you here!

Unfortunately, I am still having some major issues with my net and found out this morning that it was due to a fiber Optic cable being cut down the road.  *sighs*  There is no telling when it will be fixed but from what I understand, they (My Net Provider) has hired an outside crew to come and fix the issue. *sighs again*  I didn’t want to just leave all of you hanging while this foolishness is happening, so I am bringing to you another book review.  I know that I have said that I will be working on the Dark Series by Christine Feehan, but the book I have chosen this week is just begging to be reviewed.  It is called, “Left Behind : A novel of the Earths Last Days,”  by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

left behind

While there is an entire series after this one book, and I have read most of them, I am going to just be focusing on this one in particular.  If you are interested in me doing more, by all means hit me up in the comments below, or email me.

Left Behind:  A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days

by Tim LaHaye (The person behind the story)


Jerry B Jenkins (The author behind the story)

Capt. Rayford Steele is piloting his commercial plane on a flight from Chicago to London. Several of the passengers aboard suddenly disappear, leaving those remaining on the plane in a panic. They were in the middle of conversations, actions and normal things when poof gone.

Capt. Steele radios to London, wanting to report the incident, but the reply that he received back was nothing like he imagined. The entire world is a part of this occurrence, and the confusion only builds throughout the story.

He then sets out on a journey for answers, finding his wife and young son are both gone, but his college age daughter is still on Earth. He learns that Christ has come, and has taken the faithful with Him in preparation for the comping battle between good and evil. Those left behind must face the darkness of the next 7 years. It is then that they must choose: Join the forces of the Lord, or follow the Anti-Christ into oblivion.


Many of you that know me, or have read about me on this blog, know that I am Wiccan.  But I must say that I truly enjoyed this book.

While it isn’t the first of its kind to bring the Book Of Revelations into a story, you can relate with the main protagonist Rayford Steele with his feelings, and his emotional turmoil during this time.  But while there are a lot of “good” in this book, I can’t steer away from the negative aspects either.

The book is basically telling “VERBATIM” the story of Revelations.  While yes, there are some variations, I cannot help but look at it in that way.  And yes, I know this book was mostly written for those of the Christian Faith, but this is still a “BOOK,” and not a gospel itself.  I felt that it would have branched out a lot more if it had a bit of buffer.

Secondly, the secondary characters lack any type of depth at all.  You get to know them yes, but in the end, you don’t really feel a connection with them that you do with the lead character.  They are more like background noise, when many of them have a main part in the story.

I also found that there is a romance thrown into the mix, and it just didn’t fit.  It was put in like, “hmmm why not?” instead of making actual sense.  Considering that many people lost their significant others during the “rapture,” wouldn’t they be dealing with “loss?”  It was just confusing.

Now, as for my solid thoughts on whether or not it should be read.

Yes.  Yes I do feel that anyone would get enjoyment out of this book.  Christians and Non-Christians alike.  I feel that it would bring anyone to a whole new level of thinking about how we choose to treat others in our lives, and about our own actions. No matter the religion.

So by all means add this one to your library.  You might see it differently than what I have here.


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