.:Advise About Break-Ups Part 2:.

Hello my friends.  After my last post, I felt the need to address the other side of the break-up scenario.

Dear Lady,

I know that right now things looks bleak.  You feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest and that you will never be able to smile again.  It will hurt for a while, goodness knows it will.  Everything you see is going to remind you of your now ex, and you will cry until you have no tears left.  I am not going to sugar-coat it honey, it is just a fact that none of us can change.

You are going to feel like you are stuck in a pit of pure despair: a place that you will never be able to crawl out of.  You will feel like the world has ended for you, that nothing will make it better.  You will feel so alone, so depressed but in the end honey, it will get better.

You will go through certain levels within the next few weeks, and it is healthy to let them happen.  First will come denial.  “This has to be a dream.”  “This can’t be real.”  Second will come the anger.  “That SOB!”  “I HATE HIM!”  “HOW COULD HE HAVE DONE THIS TO ME!!!”  Then will come the depression.  “I hate myself.”  “This is all my fault.”  Then, acceptance.  “I know I can’t change it.”  “Perhaps this is for the best.”  And then, most importantly, Growth.  “Wow, look at all the time I have now!”  “Finally I will be able to get my nails done.”  “I am happy.”

This next little while is going to be painful, but as you progress through the “levels,” things will get brighter.  You will see things in a whole new light.  You will evolve and blossom again.

This is the time for you to find you.  Do not jump into another relationship.  You need to fall in love with only one person now, and that is yourself.  Give yourself time to learn the ends and out of who you are.  Take up a new hobby, learn a new art medium, do something with YOU time.  Because you honey, are worth it.

And when you find that you are ready for another relationship, you can go into it with a level head, a level heart knowing that you are worth so much, not to another, but to yourself.

Stay Strong honey.


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