.:A Little Update:.

I wanted to share a few updates with everyone.

First off, I now have Twitter and Facebook.  So by all means feel free to go by and give them a looksie.  I also have an email, LilEysium@gmail.com for anyone that would like to ask for advice or has suggestions on things that I might like to try.  Keep in mind, (disclaimer time)  that if you ask for advice, I will be posting openly to my blog, WITHOUT NAMES.  Your questions, and my answers, might help others, and that is what I want to do here.  We are a clan after all.

I do also want to add that while I will give advice to any who ask for it, and I will perfectly honest with the way that I respond.  It might be a weird response, it might not be the normal response, but it will be mine.  Now, while my advice might work for me, or for some others, it may not necessarily work for you.  I need you to understand that your life, your journey and your choices are your own.  I am merely giving you a guideline, a tool for you to work WITH, not to follow to the letter.  My words are not the ultimate fix.  They are just simple advice.  It is what YOU do with it, that will make all the difference. I also want to add that I want all of us involved.  If someone asks for advice, I give my thoughts and you feel that you could add to it, BY ALL MEANS comment.  Share your advice as well.  We can all work together on helping others.

I do want to give a brief outline as well as to when things will be posted.  So here is a rundown.

Mondays I will post a DIY or something of the like.  I love to make stuff so here is a perfect chance to share that info.

Tuesday I am calling, Tag It Tues.  I will post one of those Tag things that are a lot of fun.

Wednesdays will be the days that I am doing a book review.  I am currently working on the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

Fridays will be reviews on products or stores that I visit.

And Saturday/Sunday WE will be giving Advice to those that ask for it.

You will notice that I have left off Thursday.  That is going to be my day. 🙂  So I will either be playing video games or watching YouTube.  But sometimes, JUST sometimes, I might just post for the sake of posting. That is kind of how I roll.  *laughs*

Much love to all of you and thank you SO much for being a part of this clan with me.  If you have any questions at all for me, by all means shoot me a message and I will try to answer.  I am here for you all, so don’t be a stranger. 🙂


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