.:My Late Night Story:.

Ahhhhh, sleep.  Many of you that know me, know that I enjoy a good sleep.  I love to sleep.  It helps to ease the pain that is normally wracking my body in either the form of a migraine, or my typical backache.  But here I sit, at 4am needing to tell you a story.

Last night around 11ish, I felt the need to hibernate.  So I go and lay in my very comfy bed and ease into a doze that is glorious.  In my sleep-addled mind, I hear a voice say, “You have an itch,” so I reach under the covers, onto my bare belly and feel SOMETHING.  A big something.

That is when, my friends, fight or flight comes into play.  I start jerking around, throwing covers, Edward and whatever other odds and ends there is surrounding me.  And I’m screaming  y’all.  And not the normal “Eeep” scream.  This is the full on, someone is murdering me scream.  This is the scream of a child that got its candy taken.  This is a scream coming from the very bowels of Hell.  And I can’t stop it.

I was in a sinking ship of pure panic and I was going down fast.  I start stripping off every layer of the bed, every layer on me and I was jumping up and down, frantically searching for that elusive THING that attacked my slumber.  And the screaming continued.

In barrels Waya, he himself panicking. I am sure at that point he thought that I was being brutalized by some horrible demonic monstrosity considering he was seeing this naked crazy woman bouncing around on the bed like she has went completely insane.  His voice finally broke through the haze of hysteria, but I couldn’t stop screaming and frantically ripping at everything within my reach.  All I could get out was, “ITS ON ME!!!  ITS FUCKING ON ME!!!”

He started looking through everything, trying to find this “thing” that I had so vehemently said was there.  I could hear him talking, trying to calm me down but something in my brain had just turned off.  I was taken over my friends by pure terror: pure, unmitigated terror.

He was then trying to get a nightgown on me, and I freak out even more.  Honestly people, I have no idea why, but I was sure that creature was in that nightgown.  He had to forcibly shake the thing numerous times before I even let it near me. He finally forced me into the dining room, sat me down and told me to stay and chill out.  So here I am.  Not screaming anymore, calm, collected.

And this is the story about how I got a nightlight.


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