Book Review #2

Hi my friends!  Hope this post finds you well!  Today I am not so great, but that is alright.  I shall overcome any shenanigans.  Why?  because I can.  *laughs*

Today I am bringing you Part 2 of my book reviews dealing with Christine Feehans “Dark Series.”  For background information dealing with the books, please see my Book Review #1.  It gives a detailed account of who the people in the series are and explains their lives in depth more than it will be here.  Also keep in mind that the information provided is the property of Christine Feehan ONLY. I will by no means take any responsibility for the amazing work she has done.  The only thing that is mine is the opinion of the book.  I say again, ONLY MY OPINION IS MINE. SO!  On to the review.

Dark Desire

Dark Desire

By Christine Feehan

Jacques Dubrinsky, the brother of Prince Mikhail has been missing for 10 years.  His family thought him dead, murdered by the very Society they had been fighting all along.  But he was alive, buried within the walls of a cellar, unable to speak, call out, nothing.  His body ravaged by torture.  He called out numerous times with no help but then as time went on, he forgot who he was calling to.  Until one day, he felt a small touch to his mind.  He lashed out, needing to ease his own agony.  But what he finds confuses him.  For 10 years he follows that mind link, and shares his pain casting vengeance on the unknown person.

Shea O’Halloran, a well known American Surgeon.  She has been dealing with the random bouts of agonizing misery.  Barely able to make it through medical school.  But due to her iron will, she has been able to become one of the best surgeons in the world.  Until one day, with threats to her life coming from many different areas, she is forced to run.  The only thing leading her is her mothers diary, which speaks of her unknown father and his connection to the Carpathian Mountains.  She is being pulled, by the mysterious aloneness which dwells within she knows not what.  What she finds is a man, broken, torn, ravaged, but also an acute anger that frightens her.  But this stranger is different, is her destiny.


This book has its good points and its bad points.  I shall start as per usual with the good.

Mrs. Feehans ability to detail every single action, every single emotion is nearly supernatural.  She makes you feel what is going on within Jacques fracture psyche.  You begin to form a love/hate relationship with him as the book progresses.  Through each trial, you feel like you are within it, YOU are the one in the middle of it.

As I have said in the previous review, there is very detailed sexual scenes within this series.  They are well thought out, well put together and you can really embrace the emotions involved.  The love that is emitted by each character is wonderfully put.

The story itself is well thought out and broadcasted in such a way that it traps you within the pages, making it your own.

Now for the downside:  While the story is very good, there are, at times, situations that were easily foreseen.  You are able to see where the story is going to go.  There are also times when I felt, personally, that things were dragging on a bit.  Also, sometimes the “sexual” side of the book just seemed placed in a weird spot.  If that makes any sense at all.

I do recommend this book to anyone (of decent age that is.)  I feel that it is a good addition to any personal library.  So, double skele-horns it is!



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