.:Book Review #1:.

Hello my lovelies.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.  I wanted to start this holiday with a book review.  The book that I have chosen is the first of the “Dark Series” by Christine Feehan.  There are 25 books in the series so far, with more on the way.  I personally am extremely excited about it.  She is one of my favorite writers and someone that makes the story so real and exciting that it is mind blowing.  I will be doing each book individually, but for it to make sense I will explain a few things about the series as a whole within this blog.

1.  The series is about a sub-species of humans called the “Carpathians.”  Their home is the Carpathian Mountains which cover parts of Romania and other locations.  They are a group of beings that live on the blood of the living and are immortal.  They are not to be mistaken for a vampire.  This will be explained in a moment.  This race of people are loving, caring and generous.  They feed from humans to live yes, but they do so in a careful manner.  They only take what they need to survive and they do it gently.  They are unable to stand sunlight but cherish the night.

2.  The Males of the species are strong and knowledgeable.  They are able to use the wind and weather to their advantage.  They are able to feel and see normally until the age of hundred or possibly a little over.  Then their emotions drain away, along with the ability to see colors.  The darkness begins to take hold at that point.  But the only thing that holds them strong and steady is honor and dedication.

3.  Vampires are Carpathians that have lost their souls to the darkness that hounds them every moment.  They kill viciously.  The fear of the victims causing a momentary high, allowing them to feel for that split second that they take a life.  It is then that they turn from Honorable into Horrible.  They live for nothing but chaos and pain.  Deceit runs in their veins like blood. The Carpathian Males that have stayed “pure” hunt them down and serve judgement upon them.  AKA Kill them.

4.  The Females of the Carpathian species are the light to the males darkness.  Only a female is able to keep that evil away.  Once a Male finds his Female, his emotions return, colors become vibrant and pure again.   There is only one woman for a Carpathian man.  And one man for a woman.  They are two halves of the same whole.  But unfortunately, the females are few and far between.  Many die during birth, most soon after.  But 9 times out of 10, it is only males that are born.

So now that I have explained that, I am going to get right into the story.

Dark Prince

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

Mikhail Dubrinsky is the prince of the Carpathian people.  He is one of the oldest and the strongest of the clan.  He has struggled for many years trying to find the reasons why so many males haven’t found a mate,  has tried to find the reason why so many of their young ones die.  Soon his despair becomes too much to take and he has made the choice to walk into the sun.  To end his own life.

Raven Whitney is a psychic that uses her abilities to catch murderers and other evil doers. Her keen ability to track down evil has lead her into working many cases with the police in the US.  After her last case was finished, she decided to take a vacation to the Carpathian Mountains. She is using the time to rest, to bring herself back from the darkness of murders.  The work she does is hard, and she hopes that this retreat will ease her growing agony.  But she finds the sorrow of a man unbearable and cannot help but to reach out psychically to try and help him.

Mikhail follows the psychic path back to find the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Colors return, feelings overwhelm him.  Could this be his “lifemate?”

Unfortunately, Raven isn’t the only one that has come to the mountains.  Others have come, others that have a dark purpose.  They are Vampire hunters and they care not about the difference between Carpathians and Vampires.  They have come and they are out for blood.

Will Mikhail and Raven be able to make it through the fight to come?


This story is amazingly written and well put together.  I found that while I read it, my heart would skip, my mind would race.  I would literally sit in my little spot and bounce with joy or fear.  The book was extremely descriptive, sharing each emotion, each action in complete detail and it made me want to keep reading.  Now one must note that there are very detailed sexual scenes within this book.  While it can be considered vulgar, it wasn’t by any means disgusting.  You felt the emotions that each character had, and cherished their times.  It seems odd to talk about it that way but that is how I felt.

The one problem that I had with the book is sometimes it would get OVERLY descriptive.  But that is definitely something forgivable.  To be honest with all of you, I don’t really have any negative comments at all. I loved this book, and each of the others that I have read. But I will save the others for another time.

I give this book a skeleton double horns!



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